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Faculty and Staff accounts are hosted on Microsoft Exchange 2010. We have identified the following issues with Exchange 2010 or the migration to Exchange 2010

  • E-mail flags, automatic formatting, and categories do not migrate to Exchange 2010

    You may have set rules to flag or automatically format incoming e-mail, or to (color) categorize events and e-mails. These rules do not migrate.

    We recommend you take note of any client-side rules you created in Outlook so you can easily recreate them after the migration.

  • Access to Shared Accounts and Calendars

    All shared accounts were migrated with the faculty and staff accounts. If you use Webmail/Outlook Web Access to view those shared accounts, you can follow the steps below to access it.

    During Migration

    When a shared account is being migrated, access to that shared account through Webmail will not work.

    After Migration

    When on campus and using the Outlook desktop client, there is no change.

  • Address Invalid Error

    When typing a person’s name in the “To:” field in Outlook, you may receive an error indicating a UB e-mail address is not valid. This issue has occurred sporadically. One fix is to clear the Outlook address history on your computer. Please note, these steps will clear all your mail to history addresses.

    Clearing Outlook 2010's Auto Complete List

    If you are using a different version of Outlook please contact the OTS Call Center for help with clearing the auto-complete list.

    1. With Outlook 2010 open, click File and select Options.
    2. Click the Mail tab.
    3. Under Send Messages, click Empty Auto-Complete List.

    You can also try deleting that one address. To do that, as you type the name in the To field, use the arrow keys to highlight the problem address in the drop-down box, then hit the delete key.

  • Permission Denied Error

    UB E-mail distribution lists may have security settings that allow only certain accounts to send to them. For example, only certain accounts can send to the "ubstaff" distribution list.

    You might see a “You don’t have permission to send to:” error when you have selected a "send from" account that is permitted to send to that list. Click "send" and confirm that it went through then check the "send from" account for any bounce backs.

Last Published 12/18/15