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Click to Reset Password or Look Up NetID

Password Reset and NetID Look Up Help

Use the link above to:

  • Look up your user ID
  • Reset your password, even if you don't know the current one
  • Create security questions for your password resets

NOTE : MYPW resets the password used to access the MyUB Portal, campus computers, lab computers, wireless Internet, Sakai, and UB E-mail. It will not change a PeopleSoft Financials password. If you forgot your PeopleSoft Financials password, contact the OTS Call Center.

Password Security
Password Requirements
Password Tips


Log In

  1. Go to .
  2. If you know your netID, type it next to Net ID and click Continue. If you do not know your netID:
    1. Click the Forgot your netID? link.netID
    2. In the next window, enter your StudentID\EmployeeID (EmpID) and your last name. The EmplID is a 7-digit number beginning in 10, 11, 12 or 30.  
    3. Click Continue.
    4. Your netID will be displayed above the EmplID box.

      Click the password reset link if you need to reset your password.

      If you receive an error when searching for your ID, double check what you've typed. If you cannot obtain your ID through this tool, contact the OTS Call Center.

  3. Select an option to reset your password:

    Use Current Password
    Use if you know your existing password. You will be prompted to enter your current password.

    Answer Security Questions
    Use if you do not know your current password. You will be prompted to answer the security questions for your account. If you have not set security questions for, the default questions are date of birth (MM/DD/YYYY) and the last four numbers in your Social Security Number (SSN).

  4. Create a New Password

    1. Type a new password into the New Password field. The new password must match the password requirements. Suggestions are listed in the pull down menu or you can choose create your own.
    2. Type the same new password into the Confirm field.
    3. Click Change my password.

    After a few seconds, a status page will appear. If Password Changed? Look for Yes for all items, your password changed. If No appears under the Password Changed? column, contact the OTS Call Center to reset your password.

Password Security

You can improve the security of your account by adding and changing security questions. By default, most users will have the same two security questions populated: date of birth and the last four numbers of your SSN. You are encouraged to change those default questions and add two more questions. To edit the security questions and answers:

  1. Log on at
  2. Choose to either Use Current Password or Answer Security Questions. This brings you to the main menu.
  3. Click Modify security questions.
  4. Select a question from the pull down options.
  5. Type the correct answer to the right of the question.
  6. Click Submit changes.
  7. Repeat until you are satisfied with the number of security questions. You are required to have at least two security questions.
  8. If you'd like to delete a question, clear the answer box and click Submit changes.

Password Requirements

Expiration: Passwords expire every 180 days

New passwords must have:

  • at least 8 characters
  • a combination of upper and lower case letters
  • at least 1 number (0-9)

New passwords cannot:

  • contain all of the characters from your username in any order 
  • be a password previously used for this account
  • have more than 1 pair of repeating characters (ex: UUBB)

If you wish to opt out of using your date of birth and SSN for online, password resets, please contact the OTS Call Center.

Password Tips

If you're having problems creating a memorable password that meets UB's password requirements, here are some ideas to make it easier:

  • Change letters to numbers.
    L can be the number one (1). O can be a zero (0). E can be a three (3). Ex: Baltimore can be changed Ba1tim0r3.
  • Use the first letter of each word in a favorite phrase or quote.
    Ex: "Ask not what your country can do for you" can be changed to Anwyccdfy. From there you can add a number at the end Anwyccdfy61 or change the "f" to the number 4: Anwyccd4y.
  • Take parts of meaningful words or dates and combine them. Take a favorite vacation spot (Rehoboth), part of your phone number (256), and where you were born (Columbia) to make Reho256Colu. When it comes time to change it, swap it to Colu256Reho.

A strong, secure password does not need to be jibberish. A password is good only if you can remember it. Take time to come up with a "refresh" method that works for you. Whether it's swapping parts of your password around or adding the next number at the end of your password (Baltimore01, Baltimore02, Baltimore03, etc.) when the expiration date comes around, make sure you will remember it.

Last Published 12/18/15