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Web Space for Students, Faculty and Staff

Personal website space is available to all UB students, faculty and staff members. 100MB of space is allocated to each account.

Space is automatically provisioned for faculty and staff members. Student space can be requested through MyUB.

Student Website Requests

A student can request to have their H drive space setup or an instructor can request H drive space for all students in their class.

Individual (Student) Requests

  1. Logon the MyUB Portal.
  2. Click the MyResources tab.
  3. In the Personal Web Space Request box, click the request link.

Class Requests

  1. The class instructor would logon the MyUB Portal.
  2. Click the MyResources tab.
  3. Click the request link in the Student Web Space Request box.

Getting Started

To use web space/, you need: 

  • Your NetID: You need to know your NetID and password to access your Web space. This is the same login information used for UB e-mail, the MyUB Portal. If you do not know it, you can look up your username and reset your password at, or contact the OTS Call Center.
  • File Transfer Software: You will need some way to upload and download files between the Web server and the computer you are using. You can use a variety of methods outlined below. FTP software must support SFTP file transfers; OTS recommends FileZilla for Windows. This is free software. For more information, see the FileZilla section below.
  • Web Authoring Software: You will determine the software you use to write your Web pages. You may write them in a text editor such as NotePad or web authoring software such as Macromedia Dreamweaver.

Web Address (URL) for Personal Sites


Examples:,,,, or

FileZilla FTP Software for Windows

FileZilla is installed on OTS-supported computers in the computer labs and on office computers. If you want to use FileZilla on your personal computer, you will download, install, and configure it.

Additional Access Options

  • An H Drive is available when you are logged on a UB computer. The H: drive will take you directly into your web folder. You can post all web documents directly there, without using FileZilla or other FTP software.
  • Your H drive is also available when you access the MyUB Portal. After you log on the portal, click the MyFiles icon in the Tools box.
  • You can use any FTP client that supports the SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) protocol. The site information you will need is:
    • Host name:
    • Username: your NetID
    • Choose SFTP as the server type.

If you  need assistance with connecting to your Web space, please contact the OTS Call Center. OTS does not provide HTML/Web authoring assistance.

Last Published 12/18/15