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Android Secure Wireless


Configuring an Android Device for UB's Secure Wireless Network

  1. From your home screen press the Menu* button.
  2. Press the Settings option.

    image of android main screen

  3. Press the wireless settings* option, labeled here as Wireless & networks.

    screenshot of settings window showing wireless and networks option selected
  4. If needed, disable Airplane mode (box should not be checked) and turn on Wi-Fi (box should be checked). You should be connecting to ubalt-secure.

    image showing airplane mode as unchecked and wif-fi as checked and Wi-Fi settings option selected
  5. Enter your UB netID and UB password, then press Connect.

Your connection to the ubalt-secure wireless connection should now be ready to use. Remember to update your UB password in the connection settings when you change your password.

*Some labels vary by phone. If you cannot determine which setting/menu to select, refer to the phone manual or contact the manufacturer for wireless network setup instructions.