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You can print to any OTS lab printer from your laptop, mobile device, from home, and through email. Using EveryonePrint, you can skip logging onto an OTS computer just to print. 

NOTE : This method of wireless printing replaces the previous option for setting up a printer wirelessly.

To print jobs using EveryonePrint you have a few options:

  • Email Files to Print Directly

    If you know the printer name you want to print to and are using your UB email account, this is the most direct way to send print jobs to printers from your computer or device. If you use this option, you do not have control over print options such as double sided printing, multiple copies, and page range. The complete file will print, single sided, one time. 

    1. Using your UB email account, start a new email and attach the documents you want to print. Note the supported file types
    2. Address the email to
    3. Enter the subject P: printer, where “printer” is the printer name. Click here for a list of lab printer names.
    4. Send the email.

    This will send the print job into that printer’s queue and it will be printed provided you have ample print pages for those files.

  • Email or upload files then release them to print

    This method is a two step process. You logon to EveryonePrints to upload your files for printing or you can email the files. After sending the files to EveryonePrints, you logon to release the jobs.

    Step 1: Upload or Email

    Upload Files to Print through the Web

    1. Logon to using your UB netID and password.
    2. In the Upload Document to Print section, click the Browse or Choose File button.
    3. Click to where your file is stored and select it.
    4. Click the Next button.

    Your file will be uploaded and should appear in the list of files on the main screen. Continue these steps for all files you want to print.

    Email Files to Print Later

    1. Using your UB email account, start a new email and attach the documents you want to print.
    2. Address the email to
    3. Send the email.

    Step 2: Release Files to Print

    After you uploaded or emailed the files to print, your last step is to logon and release the files for printing. Files listed as “awaiting release” are available to print. If you see another status such as “processing,” the file is not yet ready to print.

    1. Logon to using your UB netID and password.

      All files sent to EveryonePrint will be listed on the main screen.

    2. Under the file name that you want to print, click the drop down menu and select the printer you want to use.selecting printer image
    3. Optional: You can click the Print Options button if you want to print multiple copies, print a range of pages, and/or print double-sided.
    4. Click Print.  

List of EveryonePrint Printers

Lab printers are named according to the lab location. Example: AC135A is a printer in the Academic Center 135.

AC135A, AC135B, AC235, AL910A, AL911A, AL911B, BC002, BC002A, BC015, LC400A, LC400B, LC400C, and SC001A

Supported Filetypes

  • Microsoft Office
  • OpenOffice
  • PDF
  • JPG
  • GIF
  • PNG
  • TIF
  • BMP
  • TXT

EveryonePrint Tips

  • To print a webpage, copy and paste the web address (ex: of a webpage into the tab marked Web Print
  • If using the EveryonePrint main page for several transactions, periodically click on “refresh” on the right hand side of the screen and monitor the processing of the various files
  • Use the “My Printers” tab to manage your favorite printers
    • If you want to set your favorite printers to be the ones available when you release a job, select your favorite printers or those you use most often by selecting the check box, then click Save Changes. 
    • Assign an alias to your favorite printer and press Save Changes.

PowerPoint Slides

For best results, it is recommended that you always print PowerPoint slides by logging into a lab computer (and not using EveryonePrint for printing PPT slides):

  • On a UB lab computer, you will have total control on the final printout (the recommended output => handouts!)
  • If you print slides using EveryonePrint, it prints the slides raw, 1 per page. When heavy graphics and color are involved, printer jams may occur
  • This is why it is always recommended to use LAB COMPUTERS for PPT Slides, and select “hand-outs” for PPT slides – recommend either 4 or 6 slides per side, double-sided



Last Published 12/18/15