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Presentation and media technology is available in many classrooms and conference spaces, allowing an instructor, student or presenter to integrate video, Web and print into the lecture or presentation.

On this page, you can: 

Training & Support

Multimedia equipment is meant to support your instructional activities and presentation; it’s not meant to cause stress or take important time away from your class. How can that happen? With training and continued support.

  • Consider scheduling a 5-15 minute training before your first class. We will walk you through the technology so you can feel confident with using it. Maybe you'll think of different materials you can introduce to your lecture using technology. If you're interested in a training session, request it through the Call Center.
  • Also, when you submit an equipment reservation, you can indicate if you want a consultant available a few minutes before the start time.
  • In the event the equipment does not work as expected, we can dispatch a technician during our operating hours.
Last Published 2/19/16