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All AV, portable computer lab, and computer lab reservations are handled through an online reservation service available via the MyUB Portal. Virtual Event Management System, VEMS, can be used for requesting room reservations, AV and computer lab reservations. Please take some time to review the information below to ensure your requests are met in a timely manner.

Getting Started with VEMS

VEMS is available to UB faculty, staff and students for AV requests. Faculty, staff, and representatives of a recognized student organization can also use it to request room or computer lab reservations. Anyone wishing to make a reservation must have an account.

New Accounts

To setup a VEMS account:

  1. Login the MyUB Portal.
  2. In the Tools area, click VEMS.
  3. Complete the User Info screen.
  4. Click Save. If you completed the form correctly, you should see "Your data was saved successfully, but your account is currently pending."

You will receive an email after your account has been setup. It may take 2 business days before you can use your VEMS account. Once your account is created, you can access VEMS via the portal without signing in again.

Using VEMS for Requests

When you access VEMS you will choose from one of two request types:

  • Event Request

    Use this option to submit a room request, including a reservation for the computer lab in BC 015. This option allows you to request your AV equipment at the same time as requesting a room reservation. While filling out your event request, if you need any AV equipment or a portable computer lab complete the Service section. Do not use this option if you need AV equipment for an academic class.

  • AV Request

    Use this option if you are requesting AV equipment or a portable computer lab only for checkout/pickup or delivery, or for in-room equipment during an academic class.

Request Confirmations and Considerations

  • AV requests are not final until you receive an approval e-mail. Although OTS will be handling your AV needs, the confirmation e-mail will be from the Office of Conference Services. You will continue to contact OTS for any AV troubleshooting and questions.
  • Missing information may delay the processing of your AV request.
  • Online Reservation Deadlines
    • Basic AV and Portable Computer Lab: If you need to book basic AV equipment or a portable computer lab within 2 days of your event, you must contact the OTS Call Center. The online reservation system will not accept this type of request within 2 days.
    • Advanced AV Equipment: Please submit requests for advanced AV equipment--webcasting, interactive video, technician support for the duration of your event--5 days or more before the event. The online reservation system will not accept advanced AV equipment requests within 5 days of the event. Contact the OTS Call Center if it's within 5 days of your request.

    In all cases, we will make our best attempt to accommodate your requests. As always, if you need to talk with someone about your AV needs prior to submitting a request, please contact us.

Need Help?

Check out these help documents:

If you have problems with using VEMS, contact the OTS Call Center for assistance.

Last Published 11/22/17