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Printer Pages Allocation

Students receive a fresh allotment of 350 printing pages each semester regardless of class rank or credits taken. If you run out of pages during the semester, you may purchase additional pages at the rate of $5.00 for an additional 100 sheets.

Purchasing additional printer pages: Students can add printer pages through the MyUB Portal. The online tool is available 24 hours a day, and lets you add up to 500 pages per day. The tool charges the corresponding amount ($5/100 pages) to your student bill. Click for instructions on adding printer pages.

  • Click for info on adding printer pages.

    1. Log on the MyUB Portal.
    2. In the right column, look for the Additional Printer Pages box. (It's the box under Announcements.)
    3. Click the link to add printer pages.
    4. Follow the instructions to submit the request. Your new printer pages will be added within 10 minutes of your request.

    It is your responsibility to ensure charges accrued on your student account are paid in a timely manner.

Checking your page balance: When you log in to a computer in any of the OTS-supported labs, you can check your balance via the print balance icon in the lower right corner of the screen. You can also check your print balance from the MyUB Portal.

In cases of dispute regarding your page count, contact the Call Center, speak with the lab assistant in BC 002, or the OTS Instructional Technologies Manager The necessary information will be collected and your account usage will be reviewed. Notification of the outcome will be conveyed to you by phone or e-mail.

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Wireless and Mobile Printing

You can print to any OTS lab printer from your own computer or mobile device. Click here for instructions on wireless/mobile printing.  

Note: Print jobs sent through wireless printing are deducted from your printer page balance.

Double-sided Printing

Double-sided printing is the standard print setting in OTS labs. Print jobs are charged by the sheet. A 10-page document printed double-sided costs 5 print pages, making your print page allocation last longer!

Single-sided printing is still available. To print single-sided, in the Print window select Properties then choose General Everyday Printing.

Want to cut down on your paper usage more? Check out Green Printing Tips .

Expiration Date for Printer Pages

Your print counter does not expire between semesters and any remaining pages are rolled over into your allocation for the next semester. A new allocation of pages is credited to all students who are registered for classes by the first day of the semester. Currently, we allow all students registered in the Spring semester to continue access to their account during the summer period and they are able to replenish their printer page allocation by purchasing additional printer pages.

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Color Printing

OTS Media & Classroom Services offers color printing at a cost of  10 pages per page and can be submitted via this page .Please allow up to 2 hours for your job to be processed. Color print jobs will not be processed 4 - 6 pm. By submitting this request, you acknowledge that your print account will be charged for all submitted pages at a rate of 10 print pages for each document page. If you do not have enough pages left in your print account, your request will not be processed.

Click here  for information checking your print balance and purchasing additional pages.

NOTE: We cannot print on specialty paper. All jobs will be printed on standard, white printer paper.

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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff accounts do not receive printer pages for OTS labs by default. Faculty and staff can request pages by submitting an Inter-Departmental Billing Form to the Call Center for the amount desired. The cost is $5.00 for every 100 pages. Please do this well in advance of any anticipated need.

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Printing Privileges to Departmental Networked Printers

All users whether faculty, staff, or student workers wishing to print to a departmental networked printer must first obtain the permission of that department. The department head may contact the OTS Call Center to request that employee be added to the printer's permission list. The request should include the name, account name, department, printer name or location (wishing to connect to).

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Last Published 9/1/17