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UB students, faculty, and staff have free access to Office 365 ProPlus through the MyUB Portal. After logging into the portal, find the Computer Services box and click link for MS Office 365 ProPlus Software. 

The questions and answers below can get you acquainted with this service, including some installation and activation information


  • What is Office 365 Pro Plus?

    Office 365 ProPlus is a full version of Office that can be downloaded and installed on your personal computer or device. Your MS Office applications can be accessed from the Web or from your desktop. For example, Word in Office 365 ProPlus works the same way it does in Office Standard 2016. Visit this page to learn more about Office 365 ProPlus.

  • Will Office 365 Pro Plus work off campus?

    Yes, it is available to UB faculty, staff and students from any Internet connection.

  • What's included?

    Office 365 ProPlus for PC (Office 2016 ProPlus base applications)

    Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016, OneNote 2016, Access 2016, Publisher 2016, Outlook 2016, Skype for Business

    Office 365 ProPlus for Mac (Office 2016 for Mac base applications)

    Word 2016, Excel 2016, PowerPoint 2016, Outlook 2016, OneNote 2016, Skype for Business

    Office for iPhone\iPad

    Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Skype for Business are available as separate downloads through the App Store.

    Click here for more options.

    Office Mobile for Android

    Word Mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile. OneNote and Skype for Business Mobile available as separate download.

    Click here for more options.

  • Can I run Office 365 on multiple devices?

    Yes, you can run Office on up to five personally-owned computers and five mobile devices. 

  • What are the device requirements for running Office 365? 

    • All devices must have access to the Internet for initial installation.
    • Windows Requirements
      • Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
      • 32-bit Office can be installed on 32-bit or 64-bit operating systems and 64-bit Office can only be installed on 64-bit operating systems.
      • 1 GHZ or faster x86 or 64-bit processor with SSE2 instruction set.
      • 1 GB RAM (32-bit), 2 GB RAM (64-bit) recommended for graphics features, Outlook Instant Search, and certain advanced functionality.
      • 3 GB disk space
      • Monitor resolution of 1024 x 768 minimum
    • Mac OS Requirements
      • A Mac computer with an Intel processor.
      • Mac OS X version 10.10.5 or later.
      • 2 GB of RAM recommended.
      • 2.5 GB of available hard disk space.
      • HFS+ hard disk format (also known as Mac OS Extended or HFS Plus).
      • DVD drive or connection to a local area network (if installing over a network).
      • 1280 x 768 or higher resolution monitor
    • iPhone Requirements
      • iPhone running iOS 6.1 or newer
      • iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPod Touch 5th generation
    • Android Requirements
      • Android touch enabled smartphone
      • Android running OS 4.0 or newer 
  • Do I have to sign into Office 365 to use the applications?

    Yes, your license is linked with your UB netID. When prompted by Office 365 for an account, use and your normal UB password. 

  • Can I get help using Office 365?

    Yes, you can get Office 365 Help from their tech support at by phone, 1.800.865.9408, or online at their support forums. Please note they cannot assist you with your UB netID or password. 

    There are some excellent end user training resources for Office 2016 here.

  • Will I have access to Office 365 after I leave UB?

    As a UB student, you will have access to this license in accordance with the student account expiration policy. You will have access to it for a period after leaving UB.

    As a UB faculty or staff member, you will have access to this license in accordance with this policy.

Installing/Activating Office 365

  • During the install I'm asked for an email address. Do I enter my UB email address?

    No, during the install if you are asked for an account name enter, where netID is your UB netID. Be sure to enter the complete account name, including

    Do not enter your UB email address or any other email address when installing this application. Your license to this software is tied to your UB netID. 

  • After installing I was asked to activate the product. How do I do this?

    On the Sign In box enter your  On the next page (gray) enter your  netID and your MyUB password.

  • Can I download the phone or tablet app from somewhere else? 


    All are free to download.  You will need to activate the app by entering your instead of your email address and MyUB Password.

Email and Messaging

  • How do I logon to my email account?

    If you are using Outlook 2013/2016 on a computer managed by OTS, you simply need to launch Outlook. If you are using a mobile device, read this page for instruction. If you have a POP/IMAP setup, please read this page.

  • Is there a size limit to the email I can send or receive?

    Attachment size cannot exceed 25 MB. Office 365 cannot send or receive any messages larger than that. For additional information on email limits, click here.

  • How do I open public calendars?

    1. Open Calendar View in Outlook.
    2. Right-click Other Calendars in the left navigation pane.
    3. Scroll to Add Calendar and click From Room List.
    4. Double-click the calendar you need to open and click OK.
  • How do I start or stop forwarding my UB email after migrating?

    1. Go to MyUB and sign on with your netID and current password.  Click on the Email under Tools.
    2. In the upper right corner, click the gear icon for settings and select Options from the drop down menu.
    3. On the left side of the window, under Mail, find Accounts and click Forwarding.
    4. Select Start Forwarding and enter the e-mail address where you want your UB mail forwarded.
    5. At the top of that window, click the Save button. 
  • How can I check to find out if a message sent to me has been spam-quarantined?

    Office 365 automatically enables spam filtering and virus protection on all incoming and outgoing email messages. A spam confidence level (SCL) gets assigned to each message based on the likelihood it is spam. Depending on the SCL, messages may be sent directly to the Junk Email folder. The system works well in most cases but is not foolproof and may occasionally prevent valid messages from reaching the addressee. If you are missing a message, first check your Junk Email folder. if you're still unable to locate the message, it may be quarantined. You can access your personal quarantined messages and choose to have it released to your Inbox by taking the following steps:

    1. Go to
    2. Enter (netID is your personal UB netID).
    3. Hit Enter.
    4. Enter your netID/current password.
    5. Hit Enter.

    If you have any quarantined messages, you will see them in the displayed list. If you identify your missed message(s) in the list, select them (you can select more than one by pressing the Ctrl key while selecting the desired messages) and then click the Release Message icon (highlighted in the screenshot).

    Quarantined Messages

    Choose one of the following options:

    Release - releases the message(s) to your Inbox and provides you with the option to report as not junk to Microsoft.

    Release selected message(s) and report as a false positive – releases the message to your Inbox and sends a copy of the message to Microsoft for analysis. Depending on the results of the analysis, the anti-spam filter rules are adjusted to allow the message through in the future.

    Note: quarantined messages are only retained for a maximum of 15 days from the date of receipt.

  • How do I Create a Group Contact List In Outlook Web?

    1. Select People from the app launcher or navigation bar.
      O365 App launcher
    2. Select the down arrow to the right of +New and select Contact List
    3. Enter the desired contact list name (e.g. Team Blue).
    4. Add members by entering their name or email address.
    5. Outlook Web App will search for a match in your Contacts and in UBALT's address book. if a match isn't found, you can search for the person. You can also type an email address directly in the Members field.
    6. When finished, click Save.

Mac Users

  • Where can I get Office for Mac?

    Go to My UB and under the Computer Services section (usually on the right side under the grid of icons) click on "Download Office 365 ProPlus". Follow further instructions above on this page if needed.

  • I have Office 2011 for Mac, should I upgrade to Office 2016?

    Office 2011 for Mac has been discontinued and will no longer receive updates from Microsoft. It is recommended that you upgrade to Office 2016 at your earliest convenience.

  • I have a class that makes heavy use of Microsoft Excel and requires certain plug-ins. Would Office 2016 for Mac be able to use them? 

    Your professor should acknowledge the Mac users in the class and be able to determine if the needed add-ins or plug-ins for Excel are Mac compatible or not. Some add-ins like Solver are available and some are PC-only. If your professor is unsure about this, you should communicate with other classmates who use Macs and try to work with your professor to find a functional solution. If no other option can be found, have your professor contact the Call Center.

  • I am getting an error "Stale Sign-in" when trying to Activate Office

    Close the activation window and then try again. Remember to use for the first screen and when the gray UB sign-in window comes you will use just you UB Net ID. If you get the same error after closing and trying again four times, please contact the Call Center.

Last Published 9/26/17