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Team Sites are now available to UB students, faculty, and staff. Built on Microsoft's SharePoint technology, Team Sites is a web-based tool used for collaborating on documents and projects. Document collaboration functionality includes document workflow, document versioning, and document check-out.

Team Sites provides an alternative to using the R and T drives, as well as project sites in Sakai. While all these options will still be available, Sites introduces enhanced collaboration opportunities, including direct access to files through a Web browser.


Question & Answer

    • How do I follow a site?

      Once signed on to a Site, in the top right corner, click the “follow” star. The Site will then be listed in your index of Sites under the Sites tab next time you sign into any of the Office 365 tools, including Outlook online. 
    • Are there quota limits on team sites?

      Yes, there are 3 limits to remember:

      • The default limit for a Team Site is 10 GB. Limits can be increased to 1 TB.
      • Individual file size is limited to 2 GB.
      • A document library can hold 5,000 items total. This includes files and folders.
    • How do I share manage permissions for my site?

      If you are the administrator of a team site, you can manage who can access the site. From your Sites page, select the site you want to share and select Share. You'll then type the name of the UB person you are sharing with.
    • How do I manage a document including checking it out and selecting a version?

      These topics are covered in detail in the Getting Started Guide



Last Published 7/21/16