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Fall 2015 Cyber Security Awareness Contest

We are proud to announce the winners of the Fall 2015 Cyber Security Awareness Contest.

Grand Prize

Kate Coates, The World Is Your Oyster Poster

the world is your oyster


Wildcard awards

2nd Place: Robert Kirkner for Cyber Safe Browsing Website

3rd Place: Patrick Mackie for UBSafeOnline Campaign



ub safe online poster




Video award

2nd Place: David Sebastio and Elizabeth Paige


poster award

2nd Place: Lori Beth Infeld, 


Bee Mindful Poster 1   Bee Mindful Poster 2   Bee Mindful Poster 3   Bee Mindful Poster 4   Bee Mindful Poster 5

Additional submission materials, bumper sticker and postcard

bee mindful bumper sticker   bee mindful postercard front   bee mindful postercard back


qualifying entries

Lauren Frost

Lauren Frost poster entry


Tanto Odubiyi

Tanto Odubiyi Poster entry

Ned Gonzalez

Ned Gonzalex poster entry


Kristin Riesett

Kristin Riesett poster entry


Christian Kim

  Christian Kim poster entry




Last Published 11/7/16