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E-mail is a common digital medium for many of us. Because of its prevalence, it is a common target for attacks.


Keep your e-mail account safe by following these basic guidelines:

  • Ditch convenience and choose safety by not storing your email password. 
  • Keep it insensitive. E-mail is not for sensitive data. Never send information such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, or password through email. If you've sent or received an email with sensitive data, delete and purge the email.
  • Don't take attachments from strangers. Even if you know the sender, if you're not expecting an attachment or the name of the attachment looks odd, don't open it. When in doubt, throw it out or ask the sender if they intended to send you an attachment.
  • Check it out before you click it! If there's a link in an email and it seems at all suspicious, look at the link before clicking it.
  • Understand Phishing.
Last Published 6/24/16