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Buying Hardware for Personal Use

UB students, faculty, and staff can take advantage of special pricing through Dell and Apple when purchasing personal computers. Dell also offers alumni discounts. Using the links below, you can select, configure, and order your hardware.

Dell University

Apple Store


Computers for UB Faculty

In collaboration with school business managers, OTS manages computer purchases for incoming faculty and new computers for current faculty.

Incoming faculty are contacted prior to starting at UB to provide an opportunity for them to select a computer. Computers for existing faculty are refreshed based on computer age and performance. Faculty are contacted when their computer has been marked for replacement. If a faculty member's computer is not performing as it should, please contact the OTS Call Center to arrange for a technician to assess the computer for maintenance, upgrades, or possible replacement. 


Printers for Office Use

Hewlett Packard is a common and reliable printer found on campus and is OTS’ brand choice. Before buying printer determine what type/model fits your needs. Consider the following questions to help you identify what type of printer to purchase:

  • Will more than one person need to print to it? This determines if you get a networked printer.
  • Do you need to print color? Color printers and the toner cost more.
  • What is the volume of printing expected? A small printer is not ideal for large volume or fast printing.
  • Do you need to print to both sides of the page automatically? A printer with duplexing provides this feature.
  • Will you need to scan? Multifunction devices provide scanning and faxing capability.

Printer Support

OTS provides basic support for the setup and use of campus networked and non-networked printers. It is the responsibility of each department to contact their vendor of choice for repair.

Last Published 4/5/17