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University of Baltimore Police Department 

  • Mission

    The mission of the UB Police Department is to enhance the quality of campus life through the creation of a safe and secure environment for faculty, staff, students, and campus visitors to pursue a positive work and educational experience. This task is accomplished by establishing a partnership with the university community that encourages mutual respect and dignity, understanding, transparency, cooperation and a fundamental desire to develop problem-solving strategies to address the problems of crime and the perception of crime on campus.

  • Vision

    The UB Police Department shall excel in addressing both crime and the perception/fear of crime on our campus. This vision will be accomplished through quality leadership and employing contemporary policing strategies within the highest standards of the campus law enforcement profession. Departmental leadership shall focus on creating a campus environment that addresses these issues in full partnership with all campus members and local community.

  • Core Values

    The UB Police Department is “service” oriented. The manner and delivery of our services directly impacts the entire university community. The core values of the department ensure that these services are carried out within professional standards, and the best interests of the University of Baltimore.

    1 - Integration of technology
    2 - Focused policing
    3 - Command and supervisory accountability
    4 - Building cooperative relationships with the UB community through the community policing concept  -  mutual respect and dignity, giving individuals a "voice", transparency and conduct that displays fair and impartial police practices
    5 - Recognition of the importance of a “customer service” paradigm
    6 - Regularly determine the needs of the UB community; and work towards fulfilling the identified needs


Last Published 9/19/16