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University of Baltimore Police Department

The University of Baltimore Police Department maintains a daily log of all crimes reported. The log lists the nature, date, time, location, and disposition. A crime is entered into the log when it is reported to the campus police. That is, if a crime is initially reported to a campus security authority other than the campus police, it is not recorded in the crime log unless it is subsequently brought to the attention of the campus police. Crime log entries include all crimes reported to the campus police, not just Clery Act crimes.


2017 Campus Crime Logs by Month


Previous Campus Crime Logs


Staying safe around campus and the adjoining neighborhood is a shared responsibility between the UB Police and the UB campus community.  In large part, this is accomplished by simply staying informed about what is happening around campus.  The Neighborhood Crime link below provides a list of crimes that are not usually reported directly to the UBPD but reported to the Baltimore Police Department (BPD) and are adjacent to our mandated Clery reporting area.   When the university becomes aware of crime in the neighborhood, through any means, it will appear on the Neighborhood Crime link.  Stay informed – stay safe.

Neighborhood Crimes


"Solving the Problems of Crime in Partnership with the Campus Community"

Last Published 12/13/17