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    • How can writing consultants assist me?

      Our writing consultants embrace a philosophy of teaching that encourages you to learn more about writing so that you will improve as a writer. Good writing involves practice and skill. It begins with clear thinking and requires that you become a good editor of your own work. If our consultants make corrections for you, you will not develop and improve your writing. Our consultants will discuss your paper with you and respond to your ideas. They will provide you with comments, help you find errors and weaknesses, and illustrate ways to strengthen your work and make corrections.

      The consultants will generally attend to content and organization before grammar, punctuation and style. Although all are important to writing excellence, time may not allow tackling more than one or two problems; therefore, we encourage you to tell us what's most important to you.  

    • Will a consultant edit or proofread my paper?

      Many students use the words "edit" and "proofread" in a broad sense, meaning "to review and evaluate." If this is what you mean, then the answer is yes. The consultants will evaluate your writing, help you decide what changes you want to make, and illustrate ways to make corrections. However, if you are using "edit" and "proofread" to mean "fixing errors in punctuation and usage," then the answer is "not without an explanation of each revision."

    • What usually happens during a writing consultation?

      Writing consultants can provide you with feedback on several aspects of your writing at any point in the writing process, from brainstorming ideas, through organizing your thoughts or paragraphs, to revising drafts-in-progress. If you submit a full draft or completed paper, our consultants can advise you on any questions from our Checklist of General Writing Criteria. Since the consultant's time is usually limited to an hour or less per appointment, think about which of these questions are most important to you and let your consultant know.

    • Do I need an appointment?

      An appointment ensures you have a reserved time, although you are welcome to drop in or take a look at our schedule to see if a consultant is available anytime. We recommend planning ahead so that you have a day or two to revise your paper after your appointment so you can turn it in on time. Log on to our online appointment system or stop by AC 113 to make an appointment.

      Appointment cancellation policy: four hours' advance notice is required to cancel. Not doing so will result in restricted usage of writing consulting services.

Last Published 8/26/15