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Summer Session 2017

  • 5-Week Session 1:
    May 30-July 3
  • 5-Week Session 2:
    July 10-Aug. 13
  • 8-Week Session:
    May 30-July 24
  • 10-Week Session:
    May 30-Aug. 2

See the academic calendar for additional details.

View the courses we're offering.

Visiting Students

Are you in the Baltimore area for the summer and want to make up classes or get ahead, all at a four-year university?

Take a look at the courses we're offering. Then submit a simple Application for Visiting Students.

  1. Fill it out electronically.
  2. Print it out and sign it.
  3. Mail it, along with your application fee (see the form for details), to the University of Baltimore Offices of Admission, 1420 N. Charles St., Baltimore, MD 21201.
  4. We'll get you enrolled and ready to go.

Questions? Contact the Offices of Admission at 410.837.4777.

Your summer. Your way.

Stay on track.

Get a jumpstart on the next academic year by making additional progress toward your degree or
catch up on the courses you need to get back on track to graduate on time.

Some courses are also offered online, allowing you to earn credit from anywhere with an Internet connection that's convenient for you and your schedule.

There's something to fit your needs.

We know that UB students aren't all the same. They have work and family obligations, complicated schedules and a variety of needs when it comes to their education.

Summer session allows us to be flexible to meet your needs. You have the opportunity to:

  • get in and get out quickly, dedicating your summer to things beyond school while still earning credits toward your degree
  • spend more time on campus, taking advantage of the additional enrichment activities and community building that summer session affords
  • never step foot on campus, making progress toward your degree entirely online
  • push yourself to accelerate your learning, earning more credits during time that's often lost between semesters.
Last Published 5/30/17