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At UB, we honor your academic excellence.

Laurie Ziegler

Everyone that has transferred schools can tell you that the process is nerve wracking and filled with some cultures shock. I was fortunate to see a table for the Helen P. Denit Honors Program at my transfer orientation and immediately filled out an application. I felt welcomed into the honors program and it became ... not just something to attend, an extra line on my resume and additional graduation requirements—it was a program that I could be a part of and became my home away from home on campus.

—Laurie Ziegler,
undergraduate business administration student

Students transferring to UB from a community college or other four-year university with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater are encouraged to apply.

Your honors experiences will build upon and further develop the broad base of skills and knowledge established by Helen P. Denit Honors Program in ways that make them applicable to your area of interest. Depending on your major, this distinction is called Helen P. Denit Arts and Sciences Honors, Helen P. Denit Business Honors or Helen P. Denit Public Affairs Honors.

Your honors courses:

  • are small and selective
  • focus on learning by doing and discussing
  • are staffed by the University’s best educators.

You'll participate in:

  • field trips
  • events with outside speakers and experts
  • relevant and important projects.

Before you graduate, be sure you've fulfilled your honors requirements.

Last Published 3/8/17