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  • What is the required GPA for admission?

    General admission as a transfer student requires a 2.0 cumulative GPA, but some majors do require a higher GPA.

  • Are essays or recommendations required for admission?

    Essays and recommendations are not required for transfer admission, but are encouraged if you feel they will strengthen your application for admission.

  • Is there a deadline for admission as a transfer student?

    UB has rolling admission, which means there is no set deadline for application submissions and we will admit students until the class is full. However, you should apply as early as possible to ensure that you get the best consideration for scholarships and class availability.

  • Can I apply with coursework in progress?

    Yes, if you have already earned 24 college credits you can apply with coursework in progress, rather than wait until the end of the current semester. Doing so is a great way to ensure scholarship and grant funds are available, and you have the best selection of classes.

  • Can I transfer to UB in the summer?

    In addition to the spring and fall, transfer students can be admitted for the summer session.

  • I plan on transferring to UB. What classes should I take at my current institution?

    The best classes to take are those that satisfy UB's general education requirements. These are University-wide requirements and can be applied to any major.

  • How will I find out if my credits transfer?

    After you have been admitted, your transcripts are reviewed by a transcript evaluator to determine transfer equivalencies. You will receive a transfer credit evaluation through MyUB.

  • I have attended more than one institution. Do you require all transcripts?

    Yes. All transcripts from previously attended institutions are required for admission.

  • UB is on a semester system, but my current institution uses a quarter system. How do these credits transfer?

    Students coming from quarter-system institutions can still receive credit but will not receive a full 3 credits for each course they've taken. Contact your admission counselor to find out the number of credits you could receive.

  • What is the maximum number of credits I can transfer?

    From a community college, students can transfer a maximum of 63 credits. From a four-year institution, students can transfer a maximum of 70 lower-division credits and an additional 20 upper-division (for a maximum of 90 credits). Review our transferring credits section or speak to your admission counselor for more information.

  • Will I automatically receive Advanced Placement credits or International Baccalaureate credits if these were accepted at my previous institution?

    In order to receive AP or IB credits, you must submit official score reports to the Offices of Admission for evaluation. Learn more about transferring credits.

  • Are scholarships available to transfer students?

    The Office of Admission has a generous merit award program for transfer students. Scholarship awards range from $750-2,500 per year and are awarded based on your cumulative high school GPA and test scores. If you have not yet applied or received an official award, you can find out how much you could qualify for by self-reporting your GPA and test scores.

  • Do I have to attend new student orientation?

    Yes. Before the start of your first semester at UB, you'll be required to attend orientation, a day-long program that will help familiarize you with UB. You'll get connected to campus resources, meet fellow students and more.You can find more details here.

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Last Published 3/8/17