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  1. Select UB on the Alternative Credit Project website to see if the credits you've already earned can transfer.
  2. Request an ACE transcript be sent to UB's Office of Records and Registration.
If you have additional questions, the the ACE FAQ can help.

You may be closer to finishing your degree than you think.

Did you know there are more than 31 million adults in the United States who have completed some postsecondary coursework but who lack a degree or credential? Thanks to the American Council on Education's Alternative Credit Project, you can apply credits from certain online courses to your degree at UB.

If you enter UB with fewer than 24 credit hours:

  • you are required to participate in UB's first-year experience program prior to declaring a major
  • you may transfer up to 9 credit hours from the ACE Alternative Credit Project toward general education and/or elective credits as appropriate, with the exception that these transfer credit hours may not substitute for UB writing and mathematics requirements except through normal UB placement procedures required of all entering students. 

If you enter UB with 24 or more credit hours:

  • you may transfer up to 15 credit hours from the ACE Alternative Credit Project toward general education and/or electives under the same placement procedures required for all transfer students.

Degree program directors may approve ACE Alternative Credit courses as counting toward specific degree requirements, but students should not expect such approval without consultation with their degree program director.

Note that once students have enrolled at UB they are required to get prior approval from their adviser to take courses concurrently elsewhere for transfer to UB, including through the ACE Alternative Credit Project.


ACE Alternative Credit Project

Last Published 3/8/17