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Communicate Your Brand Discover Your Direction Explore the World of Work Create Your Opportunities

How do you stand out?

Your brand differentiates you from everyone else. It reveals what makes you unique and well suited to the goal you have chosen.

As you communicate your brand, you will:

  • write your resume

    Your resume communicates your brand in writing. The key is to demonstrate why you should be considered as an excellent candidate for an opportunity. Learn how to make your resume stand out.

  • build an online presence
    Employers will use the Internet to find out everything they can about you, so make sure you create a positive image of yourself. Your online identity can include social media and professional networking sites as well as an online portfolio. This portfolio can include work samples and supporting materials relevant to your field, including:
    • resume
    • reference letters
    • certifications
    • writing, design and Web development samples, if appropriate to position.
    Beware of problems with large files that will be difficult for prospective employers to download.
  • develop your network

    If you aren't talking about yourself, no one is. Networking is by far the most effective way to promote your brand. Actively seek out networking opportunities and view each new person you meet as having the potential to help you land your next job.  Opportunities to develop your network occur on a daily bases with: faculty, other students, student groups, co-workers, family, associates, industry events, job fairs, career center sponsored events and even at social event.  Be prepared to deliver your professional pitch any chance you get, especially to those who can tell you about:

    • internships in your area of study
    • information about a particular company or industry from an insider’s viewpoint
    • what it’s like to work in your field
    • how to differentiate yourself in your field and where the action is
    • trends and issues unique to your field from someone who knows
    • company or industry culture determined only by insiders
    • graduate schools of choice in your field by reputation.

    Take advantage of our upcoming events, student organizations, company information sessions, departmental programming, Professional Development Institute mentoring, networking sessions and professional associations in your field.

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Action Step

After you communicate your brand, you'll be ready to design your action plan.

Last Published 8/12/16