An Administrative Data Research and Evaluation (ADARE) alliance of nine state partners covering 43 percent of the U.S. civilian labor force. Each state partner has negotiated data sharing agreements with state agency owners of pertinent administrative data. These agreements permit controlled access to administrative data sources for authorized research and evaluation purposes that do not disclose the identity of individuals or business entities. Historical data series are routinely updated on established schedules. Together, the nine alliance partners and their state agency colleagues comprise a reliable and rapid-response capability to conduct research and evaluation studies of immediate policy relevance based on a high standard of objective scholarship.

The ADARE alliance began in 1998 with five states having a common capacity to respond to immediate welfare-to-work policy questions posed by the Office of Policy Development, Evaluation and Research in the Employment and Training Administration of the U.S. Department of Labor.

Administrative Data

Information collected in the routine management of programs, such as the Workforce Investment Act (WIA), the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program, and state Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Job Service programs. These data differ from statistical information that is collected exclusively for research or evaluation studies.

ADARE Project Management

The Jacob France Institute at the University of Baltimore. The Institute was selected as the overall ADARE project manager, and continues in this management role, based on decades of state and national involvement in the successful acquisition and use of multiple sources of administrative records for research and evaluation studies.

Current State Partners

The five charter states (1998)—Florida, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, and Texas; Washington (2002); Ohio (2004). For more information about ADARE partners see Partners page.

Authorized Access to Administrative Data

Voluntary state agency cooperation and technical assistance, adding ADARE project value that could not be realized without this state partner expression of trust and collegiality.

State Agency and Principal Researcher Duties

Establish the legal and working relationship that is suited to their circumstances.

ADARE Project Research and Evaluation Value

A common foundation of historical and regularly updated files of state Unemployment Insurance (UI) wage records that are maintained in each of the ADARE project states. ADARE project value continues to grow as other longitudinal files of administrative records have been added to the partner holdings.

Examples of Policy Concentrations to Date

Trends in WIA participant demographics, flows through services offered, and subsequent employment and earnings profiles; welfare-to-work transition patterns; and currently, studies of UI claimant behaviors, spell durations, exhaustion of benefit eligibility, and recurring claims over time.

The original and continuing source of ADARE project value has been timely availability and authorized use of multiple historical sources of administrative information by informed experts to answer questions related to Employment and Training Administration workforce development investment decisions.

Available ADARE Project Documents

Papers, reports, and national forum presentations with findings based on a high standard of professional scholarship. Click here to view a list of available reports for download. Click here to view presentations.

Current ADARE Project Work Plan

Describes the portfolio of policy studies that are now underway, identifies the partners who are responsible for components of this overall agenda, and shows the timing of reports to be delivered to the Office of Policy Development, Evaluation and Research. Click here to view the ADARE Workplan.

The USDOL/ETA Project Officer

Wayne Gordon
Division of Research and Evaluation
U.S. Department of Labor
Employment and Training Administration
200 Constitution Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20210

Phone: (202) 693-3179   (202) 693-3179
Fax: (202) 693-2766
E-mail: gordon.wayne@dol.gov

The Jacob France Institute contact person for further information about the ADARE project

David Stevens
dstevens@ubalt.edu or 410/837-4729.