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Bee Card Your Bee Card is your official University of Baltimore ID and so much more.

Photo ID

You will need your Bee Card to access various services and events on campus.

Campus Cash Purchases

As a student, faculty member or staff member, you will have access to your own Campus Cash account on the Bee Card. This account is a prepaid spending account on which you, or your approved family members and friends, can add funds. This account can't be overdrawn, and it isn't a credit account. To use the Campus Cash at any of our on or off campus merchants you must have funds in your Bee Card Campus Cash account.

Bee Card Campus Cash Accepeted Here
Look for this sign on and off campus to identify where you can use Campus Cash
and check out the current list of participating merchants and locations.

Log into or register your Campus Cash account

Bookstore Credit

If you apply for Bookstore Credit you will need your Bee Card to claim that credit at the Barnes & Noble at the University of Baltimore.  This credit does not reside on the card, but your Bee Card is needed to verify your Bookstore Credit authorization.

Bookstore Credit can only be used at the:
  • Barnes & Noble at the University of Baltimore
  • UB Market in the Student Center
  • UB Coffee Bar in the Student Center

Each semester there is a cut off date to use your bookstore credit.  Following that cut off date all unused bookstore credit will be placed on your Bee Card in a Remaining Bookstore Credit account.* You may use this remaining bookstore credit at the locations listed above. An email will be sent to your UB email address from the card office when this transfer takes place. (*pending state approval)

A secondary transfer will take place later each semester.  This transfer will flow any remaining bookstore credit into your Campus Cash account, allowing you to use these funds everywhere Campus Cash is accepted both on and off campus. The card office will send you a second email to your UB email address when this transfer takes place.

You also need your Bee Card to participate in book buyback each semester.


Your Bee Card is used as your parking card. Please see Parking with your Bee Card for ways to use your card to park on campus.


You need your Bee Card to access and ride the UB shuttles that travel around campus.


Your Bee Card is your campus library card. Your library number is encoded on a chip inside the card and is printed on the back of the card for easy reference when using certain library services on campus or when using your Bee Card at other University System of Maryland libraries. You may also borrow books through the Baltimore Area Library Consortium (BALC).  Please call ahead to these libraries to confirm borrowing privileges.

Campus Recreation and Wellness

Your Bee Card is your membership card to the Campus Recreation and Wellness Center.  You may take guests with you for $5 each or guests can purchase a membership.  Please note, some contractual employees need to purchase memberships.

A/V Services

You can use your Bee Card to check out out audio/visual equipment and laptops, and to pay any duplication charges, late fees, fines and other A/V-related charges through the Office of Technology Services Instructional Technologies group (William H. Thumel Sr. Business Center lower level, Room 002).

Door Access

If you've been given permission to enter electronically secured doors on campus, you will use your Bee Card for door access privileges. E-mail the UB Police Department or visit the Access Control page for more information.

Last Published 7/20/17