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How to Hire Student Workers

The Student Employment Program provides part-time opportunities for UB students to work on or off campus in academic and administrative offices. Student positions are part-time. There are three student employment categories for a student who is currently enrolled.

Federal College Work Study: Work-Study is an employment opportunity program for students who have demonstrated financial need. Unlike other financial aid awards, Work-Study is paid to students in the form of a paycheck for hours worked. It's important to know that a Work-Study award is a potential to earn funds and not a guarantee that you will earn the entire amount awarded. Students must accept the award, find a job through UBworks, and work hours to earn the award. Students may not work more than 20 hours per week in combined assignments.

Student Assistant: UB student currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program, working no more than a total of 20 hours per week in combined assignments.

Graduate Assistant : UB student currently enrolled in a graduate program. Graduate Assistants work no more than 20 hours per week providing research, and administrative support to academic departments or administrative unit.


Are you ready to hire?

  • Do you have an approved position number?
  • Do you have approved funding?
  • Do you have leadership approval?
  • Step 1: Identify the job

    The hiring department develops a brief summary of job duties to be performed including required and preferred qualifications and related knowledge, skills and abilities. Include the number of hours per week needed to perform duties (must be less than 20 hours) and the supervisor’s name.

    Identify the appropriate wage rate. The Office of Human Resources, in partnership with the Provost’s office, evaluates these rates annually.

  • Step 2: Identify funding and secure approval for position

    Determine funding source - departmental, Federal Work Study, or a combination.

                    • Federal Work Study recipient wages are paid with Federal Work Study (FWS) monies.
                    • Student Assistants are paid with department operating budget funds.
                    • Graduate Assistants are paid with University and department funds.

    The departmental Contract Coordinators confirm with their Budget Manager that a position number has been created and funded for a student employee.

    TIP: The Position Action Form (PAF) is used to create a new position or update an existing position.

  • Step 3: Post your job announcement

    Departments are strongly encouraged to hire student employees via open recruitment by posting the position at Post your on-campus job in UBworks managed by the Career and Professional Development Center. 

  • Step 4: Interview and Select Candidate - Only for Open Recruitment

                    • Verify student is currently enrolled and registered for classes at University of Baltimore.
                    • Determine which students qualify and interview, asking each candidate the same set of questions.

    If hiring a Federal Work Study student, the candidate must bring a copy of their Financial Aid award summary to the interview. Documentation can be found in their MYUB Portal. The supervisor verifies the student received and accepted their Federal Work Study award.

  • Step 5: Prepare and Complete Hire Paperwork

    UB Student Employees who have not been employed at UB within the last six months must complete all of the documents on the Hiring Checklist.

    If the student has been employed at UB within the last six months, only complete the following Student Employment Contract:

    New Hires Only

    All new employees must complete the Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification online. The Form I-9 is mandated by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The Form I-9 is used to verify an employee's identity and to establish an employee's eligibility to work in the U.S.

    As a part of UB’s hiring procedure, this requirement is needed in order to finalize the new hire process. You cannot begin working until it is completed. Please visit the Employment Eligibility Verification page for detailed steps to complete your I-9.

  • Step 6: Submit Hire Packet to OHR

    OHR logs all incoming contract packets and reviews for accuracy and completeness. If correct, the contract is routed to UB’s Position Control Manager/Grant Administrator for budget approval.

    If corrections are required, the new hire packet is returned to the Contract Coordinator within one (1) business day. This delay impacts the new hire packet’s place in OHR’s contract processing queue, based on “first come, first served”.

  • Step 7: Budget or Grant Approval

    UB’s Position Control Manager/Grant Administrator reviews/approves contracts within two (2) business days and returns approved contracts to OHR HRIS Operations. If there are any budgetary issues/concerns, the Business Manager is contacted within one (1) business day.

    TIP: To avoid processing delays, a position number must be on all contracts.

  • Step 8: Process New Hire Paperwork

    HRIS Operations prepares the new hire packet for routing to the State of Maryland’s Central Payroll Bureau (CPB) in Annapolis. The employment record is also created in PeopleSoft.

    Timely processing of contracts ensures timely payment. The Employment Processing Schedule informs all those involved on when the employee will receive payment. The Contract Coordinator is responsible for all contract processing and payment timeliness communications with student workers.

    TIP: Please allow additional contract processing time during inclement weather and/or high volume periods, such as beginning of a semester.

  • Step 9: Newly Hired Student Employee

    Completion of I-9 

    Required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services/Department of Homeland Security, all new employees must complete an I-9 Form (Employment Eligibility Verification) verifying the employee's identity and establishing eligibility to work in the U.S, online. The employee MUST complete the I-9 Form online by the end of their first day of employment. The employee then has no more than three (3) business days from the start date to present original documents to a qualified representative from UB’s Office of Human Resources. Click here for I-9 Form Completion Instructions.

Last Published 10/23/17