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Zip File Email Restrictions

In an effort to combat virus infiltration OTS implemented a policy regarding the exchange of .zip files.

The previous policy that allowed .zip files to be shared internally within the local UB Exchange email system without taking extra steps has changed. E-mails with a .zip file attached that are sent internally to or from a UB address will be blocked. Emails with a .zip file attached that are sent from an internal or external (non-UB) address to a UB one will be blocked. When a .zip file is sent to an internal or external email address, an undeliverable message will be returned to the UB sender with a brief explanation of our policy. Also, if a non-UB account sends an email to a UB address with a .zip file attached, the message will come through but with the zip file removed and an explanation inserted explaining our policy.

UB senders and recipients are informed of this zip filtering policy. Non-UB senders and recipients should receive a bounce back or informational email explaining that the zip file did not go through.

If you need to email a .zip file to someone internally or outside the UB community, or vice versa, the extension of the .zip file will need to be changed. Please see the instructions below:

Renaming a .Zip File
  1. Right click on the .zip file and select Rename
  2. Change the name, including the extension, by typing a new name. For example, for a file named type the name graphs.123 .
  3. In your email message, let the recipient know they can rename the file back to

The same steps must be followed when an external user needs to send a UB user an email with a file attached.

Last Published 12/18/15