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Our department offers a range of media production services at reasonable rates. Our staff has the experience and education required for quality video production projects. We can also work  with you on basic projects requiring videotaping and photography.

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  • Videotaping

    Do you need a class or event videotaped? There are two options available:

    Single Camera Videotaping
    We deliver and setup high-definition camcorders and tripods and train you how to use the camcorder. We will provide a blank SD Card with the camera and you will start and stop recording.  We can transfer the completed recording to the video format of your choice. See our conversion section for more information.

    Video-enabled Rooms
    When you have an event that needs complete video coverage with multiple cameras, the Business Center Auditorium, Moot Court Room, Town Hall and Student Center Auditorium are equipped for this level of videotaping. You supply the blank media and we supply a camera technician for an hourly rate.

    If planning an event in one of these rooms, please contact us in advance. We will work with you to make sure all your multimedia needs are met and discuss the agenda of your event.

    After you schedule the room through Conference Services, you can submit a request for videotaping equipment.

  • Video Production

    Have an idea for a video but none of the equipment or skills to produce it? We can work together to create a complete video production from beginning to end. We provide the equipment, technicians, and skills to help you tape interviews, events, and other footage, edit your footage into a coherent whole, add graphics and effects, and author your finished video to DVD or other digital format.

    Although we can work with you from any point, your final results will be best when you include us from the beginning of the planning process.  You bring your ideas and we’ll work together, calling on our experience, to layout a detailed plan aimed at creating a successful video.

  • Photography

    Need a camera? Need a camera person? We can set you up with either. You can borrow a digital camera or we can provide a camera person to shoot still photographs for a low, hourly rate. When finished, we can copy your images to a CD, DVD, or USB drive supplied by you. Please note, cameras cannot be reserved.

Last Published 12/18/15