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The Technology for Students Loan program allows University of Baltimore students to borrow audio visual (AV) equipment and computers for school or personal use for the purpose of enhancing instruction. The program is supported by the Office of Technology Services’ Media and Classroom Services group. Checking out equipment is a privilege; since we have limited supplies, OTS enforces the returning of equipment on a timely basis. Students are notified by UB email when items are late; students must make sure to check their official UB email and reply or make arrangements for returning items and communicate issues to avoid any Code of Conduct Policy violation. 

There are two arrangements available for students to borrow AV equipment:

  • University of Baltimore students can check-out equipment on a first come, first served basis.
  • An instructor can arrange reservations as detailed in this document.



  • Eligibility

    Under the Technology for Students Loan program, AV equipment can be checked out by a student holding a current University of Baltimore ID card and registered for the current semester. Students must be registered at the University of Baltimore and pay a student technology fee for the semester. Students will be asked to sign a waiver each semester so they will be aware of their responsibilities as a checkout user.  Students may not check out equipment to lend to someone else.

  • Advance Reservations

    Instructors can arrange equipment reservations for their students. Equipment available based on an instructor’s advanced reservation can be checked out only by students listed on the class roster submitted to the Media and Classroom Services manager or a designated staff member. 

  • Availability

    Requests are granted based on the following priority: UB lectures, official UB events including class projects and assignments, UB events sponsored by registered student organizations, then UB student personal use.

  • Loan Duration

    • Equipment loans through this program are available from 24 hours to three days, depending on equipment and availability. Laptop loan duration is for 24 hours during the week; equipment checked out on a Friday will be due the following Monday.

    • Equipment may be returned until 9PM on Monday through Thursday and 5PM on Friday and Saturday.

  • Late Returns/Fees

    All AV equipment loans are free. A five dollar late fee per item will be assessed each day a loan exceeds the duration noted during check-out. If a laptop is returned late, you will be assessed a late fee of $25 per day. Late fees will be capped at the replacement cost of the item. Please go here for more information on maximum cost of late fees per item. Payment of the maximum late fee does not constitute a purchase of the item. 

    • If equipment is returned late, the borrower will need to complete a Late Fee or Damage/Loss Assessment Fee form.
    • A five dollar per day late fee may be assessed to any loan exceeding the duration discussed during the check-out procedure. Please note that for laptops, a twenty-five dollar per day late fee is assessed.
    • Student may ask to have their late fee waived when returning late based on extenuating circumstances; this form will go to the Instructional Technologies Manager or a designated person and the students will be notified within  48 hours. No late fees will be waived at the counter during a return and students must submit the appropriate paperwork within five business days of the return. Students who want to check out immediately and can’t wait for waiver to be assessed will need to pay late fees in full. No reimbursements of the late fees will be applied to students accounts. If a student anticipates a problem with returning the equipment on time, they must speak with a Media and Classroom Services staff person in BC 002 (410.837.5489) or the OTS Call Center (410.837.6262) prior to the expected time/date of return.
    • Any disputes regarding late fees will be decided upon by the Media and Classroom Services Manager.
    • If equipment is returned late and a fee assessed, a lending ban will be placed on the student’s account until the fee is paid. The fee can be paid via credit card or Bee Card. Cash and checks are not accepted. Any fees not paid within thirty days will be forwarded to the Bursar’s office and held against the student’s account. Once fees are sent to Bursar’s office and applied to the student’s account, they cannot be removed from the account. 
  • Liability

    Other than normal wear and tear, the student is responsible for returning all equipment in the same condition as it was received. Students will be held financially responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged equipment. In the case of lost or damaged equipment, the student will complete a  Damage/Loss Assessment Fee  form. The borrower will be responsible to pay the replacement cost of equipment not returned or returned equipment that is damaged beyond repair. Costs assessed against the borrower will be treated as any other debt owed to the University, and failure to pay as required may result in loss of student privileges and benefits. In case of a theft of the equipment, the borrower must present a copy of the Police Report stating the conditions of the theft. The borrower is still responsible for the replacement cost.

  • User Files

    Data and files stored on borrowed AV equipment are the responsibility of the user. Camera memory is erased when the equipment is checked back in with OTS. Laptops borrowed from Media and Classroom Services are set up to not retain any information; once restarted the laptops delete all information. During your usage the laptop may receive updates from our office via the Internet that requires it to shut down between 1am and 3am each day so please save continuously and make sure to back up your files. 

  • Media

    All media is provided by the user. OTS does not provide blank media upon check-out. 

  • Check out

    All equipment must be checked out from Business Center 002. Media and Classroom Services hours are available  here


  • Advanced Reservations

    An instructor may reserve equipment for a specific assignment. This allows students in that class to borrow equipment and plan for its availability. An instructor must submit reservations through the OTS Call Center at least two weeks prior to the request. To ensure equipment availability, the instructor must provide:

    • class roster
    • equipment needed
    • assignment dates and duration
  • Equipment Check-Out


    • When checking out equipment, a student: Must present a valid University of Baltimore ID card.  No checkouts will be allowed without your UB Bee Card unless approved by the Media and Classroom Manager or staff.
    • Must demonstrate operational knowledge and mastery as defined by OTS professional staff.
    • Will discuss the duration of the loan with the OTS staff person or lab assistant (same day or see loan duration section).
    • OTS staff will demonstrate that all equipment works.
    • OTS will then update the student's account in their inventory management system.
    • Upon completion of the check-out, the student accepts responsibility for the equipment and all accessories.
    • NOTE: Unless a course instructor arranged for an advanced reservation, equipment is available to students on a first come, first served basis.
  • Equipment Check-In


    • When checking in equipment students need to bring all pieces, components and bags related to the equipment borrowed.
    • The OTS staff member will review the return to make sure all visible components are being returned and in working order.
    • The OTS staff member will then update the student's account in the inventory management system.
    • Student must wait until the items are checked back in and everything is accounted for before leaving the counter.
    • Student must return items themselves - no one can return the items for you without special permission from the Media and Classroom Services Manager. 
Last Published 5/31/17