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The 2015 commencement ceremonies will not be available as a live web stream. The Office of Technology Services will be recording the commencement ceremonies and an online video will be available 48 hours after the event in the Past Webcast Events section . If you wish to obtain a DVD of that recording, please email after commencement. You will need to provide a blank DVD and the fee is $5. 

For additional video and photography services available for commencement, please read this Commencement web page.

Current Webcasting Events | Past Webcast Events | Player Download

The Office of Technology Services' (OTS) division of Instructional Technology has offered Webcasting services since January 2001. UB provides Webcasts for live campus events such as commencement ceremonies and special events with guest speakers. A link to a Webcast event will be posted on this page approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the event.

Copies of past events can be purchased by contacting the OTS Call Center. It is a $5 charge for each copy and a blank disc (DVD) must be provided to OTS.

Current Webcasting Events


There are currently no scheduled upcoming webcasts. 

 Note: Video feed will be available shortly before the event begins.

Player Downloads

Webcasts are available in Windows Media Player. It is best to use Microsoft Internet Explorer when using Windows Media Player. If your computer does not have either software program installed, you are encouraged to download the player well in advance of the event.

Past Webcast Events 

Windows Media Player required for all webcasts.


Last Published 12/18/15