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We encourage all students and parents to review the following policies and procedures carefully to ensure a better understanding of our financial aid program

  • Your Financial Aid Rights

    As a financial aid applicant, you have a right to:

    • confidentiality
    • reasonable access to your financial aid records and all application forms on a timely basis
    • a reasonable estimate of your student budget
    • information that describes eligibility requirements and application procedures
    • a written request for additional information (All correspondence and requests for information will be via email to the email provided on your admissions application. Your University of Baltimore email will be used for all correspondence once it has been established for you.)
    • written notification of your financial aid eligibility, award notices will be sent via email to the email provided on your admissions application (Your University of Baltimore email will be used for all correspondence once it has been established for you.  This notice will direct you to look for your award on MyUB, under My Student Center.)

    As a financial aid recipient, you have a right to:

    • receive information that outlines the terms and conditions of all award offers made by the Office of Financial Aid. All students will receive an electronic Award Notification Letter which also includes an attachment outlining the “Conditions of Award.” Additional information concerning specific awards are linked to the award on your Accept/Decline screen on MyUB.
    • written information regarding the appeals process
    • reasonable access to information and counseling regarding career possibilities

    If you receive Federal Work-Study, you have a right to:

    If you are awarded a loan, you have a right to:

    • detailed information from Direct Loans about interest rates, fees, the balance owed, and repayment options
    • a copy of the completed promissory note from your lender (The original note must be returned to you when your loan is paid in full.)
    • notification if your lender sells your loan or transfers the right to receive payment
    • a grace period before payment begins under the Federal Direct Stafford and Federal Perkins Loan programs
    • repay your entire loan or any portion of your loan at any time without penalty
    • deferment and forbearance of repayment options from Direct Loans after the grace period if you qualify
  • Your Financial Aid Responsibilities 

    As a financial aid applicant you have a responsibility to:

    • be aware of all eligibility requirements and application procedures
    • maintain your correct Social Security number, name and address with the records office
    • prepare your applications for financial aid accurately
    • review the information on your Student Aid Report (SAR) to ensure accuracy
    • follow up with any directions given to you on your SAR
    • be aware of all priority dates and final processing deadlines for the submission of forms
    • comply with all requests for additional information in a timely manner
    • keep copies of all financial aid information and all financial aid application forms (Any forms sent to the Office of Financial Aid become the property of the office and are not returned for the student to use elsewhere.)
    • keep copies of all financial aid award letters, promissory notes and disclosure statements, and other correspondence regarding your financial assistance
    • make payment arrangements with the business office if you apply late for financial aid
    • conduct research on your future earning potential and borrow only the amount of money that you can reasonably repay

    As a financial aid recipient, you have a responsibility to:

    • comply with the terms and conditions of all awards that you receive
    • notify the Office of Financial Aid if your enrollment status changes after you apply for or receive financial aid
    • notify the Office of Financial Aid if you receive scholarships, graduate assistantships, fee waivers, fee remissions, grants, or other benefits other than those awarded by the Office of Financial Aid
    • use your financial aid awards to pay only educationally related costs incurred during the current award period

    If you receive Federal Work-Study, you have a responsibility to:

    • obtain a Federal Work-Study job, perform your work responsibilities satisfactorily and monitor your work-study hours to prevent exceeding your award
    • notify your employer if you wish to resign

    If you are awarded a loan, you have a responsibility to:

    • complete an Entrance Counseling Interview  and Master Promissory Note the first time you borrow a Direct Loan at the University of Baltimore
    • sign Perkins Promissory Note and reference forms if required
    • notify Direct Loans if you graduate, withdraw from school, drop below half time status, transfer to another school, do not enroll in school, or change your name or address
    • repay your loan according to the loan repayment schedule provided by the lender
    • notify your lender of anything that affects your eligibility for a deferment or your ability to repay your loan
    • complete an exit interview if you drop below half time graduate (6 credits) or plan to withdraw or transfer to another institution (Graduating students will be notified.)
    • repay your loan even if you do not complete your degree program, are unable to obtain employment or are otherwise dissatisfied with your college education
  • Financial Aid Package Revisions

    Circumstances may require that a student's aid package be revised in the following cases:

    • Change in enrollment
      Students are awarded financial aid based on estimates of enrollment. Awards are later adjusted based on actual enrollment.
    • Withdrawal from school
      Students contemplating withdrawing from classes should make an appointment to see a financial aid counselor. The current semester's aid as well as future aid may be jeopardized.
    • Receipt of other financial aid
      This includes aid not awarded through the Office of Financial Aid, including institutional, state and private donor scholarships, tuition remission, graduate assistantships, and other aid that we become aware of after the student has been awarded.
    • Change in residency status
      Students who are granted in-state residency after they receive an award based on out-of-state residence will receive a budget adjustment, which reflects the in-state charges for tuition and fees. This may require an adjustment to aid awarded and/or received. In such cases, funds may be returned to the appropriate financial aid programs to prevent an over award.
    • Federal verification process
      Students who are selected for verification will need to submit federal tax return transcripts (or import their tax information into the FAFSA), a verification worksheet, and other documentation to the UB Office of Financial Aid. This information may require changes be made to the original FAFSA information, resulting in changes in eligibility.


For more information concerning Policies and Procedures, contact the Office of Financial Aid.

Last Published 4/10/17