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The directory searches people and department listings. Type in part of all of a name to search.

  • People: UB staff, regular faculty, adjunct faculty and retired faculty are listed in the directory. The directory also includes certain types of people affiliated with, but not employed by the university. Examples include staff of the UB Foundation and retired or emeritus faculty. Students, including student employees, are not listed.
  • Departments: The directory contains general information for many campus departments. By default, the directory contains official, personnel departments only. The search may also display contact information for offices within that department. Click here for a printable list Offices and Centers.

Directory Updates

The directory pulls information from a variety of sources. Some information in a person's directory listing reflects data from another system and cannot be manually updated on the directory. If information in your listing needs to be changed, please follow the instructions below.


Your name in the directory is the name you provided to the Office of Human Resources. There are two types of name changes possible:

  • A preferred first name. Example: Your legal first name is Marcus but you go by your middle name, Joe.
  • A legal name change, with proper documentation. This can be first or last name.

For all name changes, contact the Office of Human Resources.

Employee Title and/or Department

Your job title and department in the directory reflects your primary job record in PeopleSoft, as maintained by the Office of Human Resources. This cannot be changed on the directory. If you have a change in title or department, it will be reflected in the directory after the change is made by HR. If you feel the title or department are incorrect, please first confirm with your manager what your job title is and from which department you are being paid. If the information on the directory is incorrect, contact HR to update your job record.

If a department has an official name change or you have a new job title, please understand there may be delay before all the changes are sent to HR.

Phone, Location, and Email

These fields are maintained by the Office of Technology Services. If the phone or location is incorrect, contact the OTS Call Center. To ensure your location and phone number are kept accurate contact OTS when moving to a different office.

The directory displays your UB email address. The directory cannot display personal, non-UBalt addresses. In the unlikely event that your UB email address is incorrect in the Directory, contact the OTS Call Center.

Department Contact Information

General department contact information is maintained manually. If your department's information is wrong or missing please send the correct information to the OTS Call Center. If your department name has officially changed, the director can send the updated information to OTS Call Center.

Other Resources

If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the directory that are not addressed above, please e-mail