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Assurance of Learning: M.S. in Business-Finance

Mission Statement: The mission of the Master of Science in Finance program at the Merrick School is to enable our students to become adaptive experts capable of applying advanced financial concepts and analytical techniques to decisions in their chosen fields of finance.

Upon completing this comprehensive program, graduates of the M.S. Finance will be able to:

  • Goal 1: Understand the Interaction of Real Economic Markets, Business Strategies, and the Allocative Function of Financial Markets


    Learning Objective 1.1: Students are able to evaluate the role of the allocative function of financial markets on the financial policy (i.e., investment, capital structure, and distribution) of a firm.

  • Goal 2: Evaluate and understand company performance


    Learning Objective 2.1: Students are able to evaluate the sustainability of a business operating model by conducting an analysis of financial statements and ratios.

  • Goal 3: Value business Entities

    Description: Students will demonstrate the appropriate communication skills used by real estate professionals. This skill set includes writing case analyses, memoranda, financial reports, and market opportunity analyses citing accounting and other data.

    Learning Objective 3.1: Students are able to use financial concepts, tools, and models to estimate a firm's cost of capital and value.

  • Goal 4: Assess the Risk and Value Financial Securities


    Learning Objective 4.1: Students are able to use a variety of statistical tools to measure and evaluate the risk of investment securities and instruments.

    Learning Objective 4.2: Students are able to use a variety of financial tools and models to value investment securities and instruments

  • Goal 5: Understand, Assess, and Manage Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate Risk


    Learning Objective 5.1: Students are able to identify and measure the source of exchange rate risk and use derivative securities to manage and hedge that risk

Download the Assurance of Learning Results (.pdf)