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Merrick School of Business

What does it mean to be Baltimore's business school?

Baltimore City is home to nearly three million residents. The University of Baltimore has a great many neighbors!  Since 1925, our university has been a devoted member of a large, vibrant and diverse community. The contributions of our faculty, students and alumni impact our immediate neighbors in mid-town as well as those across the city and beyond.  That's why we are known as Baltimore's business school. 

Being Baltimore's business school is a big responsibility and an exciting challenge.  We  engage our neighbors in dialogue, offer community arts events, and collaborate with area high schools to increase educational options for young people. Area businesses call on us to work on specific projects that will increase their visibility or profit. We support and advise entrepreneurs who have new business ventures to share. Our goal is to be the best neighbor we can be and invest our energies and talents toward the success of our great city.

Sharing our news and hosting events is just our way of being a good neighbor to our students, faculty, and our community.