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Public Health/ Opioid Program Administrator

Center for Drug Policy and Enforcement

Vacancy Number 300799

Position Type: Contingent II exempt grant-funded position with tuition remission and paid leave package
Opens: 06/20/17     Closes: Open Until Filled

Salary: $65,800- $81,200

NOTE:  In mid-October 2017, we removed this position from our current vacancies website and stopped accepting applications for it.

This position is open until filled. Priority consideration will be given to complete applications received by August 15, 2017.

The opioid epidemic is a national crisis demanding more resources from public health and safety agencies developing plans and partnerships to reduce the number of opioid related overdoses and deaths.  Howard County continues to lead in these efforts and is looking to invest in a positions to support the Howard County Office of Emergency Management (HCOEM) and the Howard County Health Department in assessing, developing and revising public health programs, regulations, policies, procedures and systems aimed at the prevention of and response to the Opioid crisis in Howard County.  This is a critical position making recommendations on policy related matters; providing centralization, coordination and facilitation of multi-agency activities; planning and evaluating programs; establishing and leading stakeholder meetings; collecting, analyze and synthesize data; and drafting comprehensive reports related to the Opioid crisis. The position interfaces with public health and safety officials, county and state legislatures, and staff within the Center for Drug Policy and Enforcement at the University of Baltimore.

Key Functions, Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Plans and evaluates programs, including the analysis and evaluations of current trends and best practices, and the existing strategies within Howard County and the state to establish the county’s response to the opioid crisis.  Applies managerial principles to the development, management, and direction of services systems, public health programs or cross-functional assignments.  Reviews, analyzes, and makes recommendations to revise or replace programs, policies and procedures based on outcomes, changes to goals and objectives, or in response to funding or legislative concerns.  Interacts with senior level officials within Howard County government and statewide to support and implement policy recommendations to reduce the rate of opioid related overdoses and deaths. 
  • Plans, organizes and oversees activities of programs and projects on an ongoing basis.   Evaluates, reviews, and revises policy procedures, mission objectives, and organizational design.  Manages executive level relationships supporting mission critical programs.  
  • Serves in an executive capacity to lead stakeholder meetings (weekly Opioid Staff meeting) between public health and safety personnel within the region and senior level executives with Howard County government.  Develops topics and agendas for the meetings and recruits speakers/presenters.  Manages meeting response and draft policy recommendations to the County.  Advises the County Executive and executive staff on trends and national policies related to opioid abuse and demand reduction strategies.     
  • Plans and prepares inter-agency Opioid Intervention Team meetings.  Develops topics and presentations for each meeting related to opioid reduction and prevention strategies. Engages with statewide prevention programs to determine best practices and implementation strategies for the county.   
  • Manages vendor relationships in relation to prevention programs.  Evaluates and assesses program outcomes and establishes requirements for new vendor relationships as a result of key policy decisions.  
  • Works with Howard County staff to implement systems to collect data to identify and analyze trends, to provide baseline and on-going program and service information, and to measure and assess program outcomes.  Presents detailed findings to appropriate HCHD and CDPE staff.    
  • Develops weekly situation reports, detailing strategies and outcomes of opioid response and meetings.  Briefs key personnel within Howard County Health Department and CDPE. 
  • Performs data analysis and surveillance of overdoses within the county.  Works with HCHD epidemiology staff on the Data Repository.  Interfaces with CDPE analytical staff for analysis of drug issues within the county.    
  • Develops and writes grants related to opioid reductions strategies.  Interfaces with statewide public health and safety network to identify best practices and coalitions for grant applications.

Baccalaureate degree in Public Health, Public Administration, or other related field/discipline that contributes to the incumbent’s success is required. Master’s degree preferred.

Three years progressive experience in project or program administration in a health or substance abuse treatment/prevention field is required. Five years of experience in a public health field overseeing program development/management is preferred, as well as experience in policy development and implementation. 

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Experience performing data analysis, developing reports, reporting and presenting data, policy recommendations, etc.  Knowledge of opioid and substance abuse threats.  Knowledge of the public health and substance abuse field.  Demonstrated skill in developing reports and making policy recommendations. Demonstrated skills in project management, data analysis and ability to review data and make formal recommendations.  Knowledge of and ability to use MS Office and analytical tools.  Demonstrated skill in developing and providing formal presentations.  Demonstrated communication skills including oral, electronic and writing abilities.  Ability to form, maintain and leverage working partnerships with government agencies on health policy.  Ability to network with organizations and professionals in related fields.


The University of Baltimore ("UB" or "University") does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, race, religion, age, disability, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other legally protected characteristics in its programs, activities or employment practices. UB is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/ADA Compliant Employer & Title IX Institution.

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UB is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/ADA Compliant Employer & Title IX Institution.
The University of Baltimore ("UB" or "University") does not discriminate on the basis of sex, gender, race, religion, age, disability, national origin, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other legally protected characteristics in its programs, activities or employment practices.

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