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Knowledge That Works

Workforce training and development is vital to UB's success.  Rapidly changing policies, procedures, work methods and technology requires that our talented workforce possess the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to adopt and adapt to new process and techniques.

In a rapidly changing world, UB maintains a focus with an engaged strategy.  We continue to design, develop and offer career development guidance and training to empower our workforce in identifying and achieving career goals that align with the needs of the institution.

The UB culture is one that actively supports participation in learning activities and the application of new knowledge and skills on the job.

The role of staff members is to pursue growth by:

  • Taking an active role in their development
  • Developing, with their supervisors, plans to acquire or enhance skills, assume responsibilities, and prepare for future opportunities

The role of management is to encourage and be supportive of staff development by:

  • Providing ongoing training needed for current and newly assigned responsibilities
  • Creating opportunities for job and career growth
  • Providing candid and timely feedback on performance
  • Encouraging staff to learn and grow throughout their careers and to pursue career goals
  • Encouraging and supporting education and training opportunities to enhance an individual's performance and capacity, even beyond their current position
  • Publicizing job opportunities so that individuals can pursue positions they believe will advance their development


Last Published 6/5/17