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The Office of Marketing and Creative Services is here to support you as you work to develop, create and maintain your Web pages. We'll help you develop engaging content and innovative solutions to address your audience's needs.

Starting Your Web Project

If you need new Web pages, Web content or advanced features or would like assistance with information architecture development or content organization, please fill out a request form. We will contact you shortly—within two business days—to discuss your project and arrange an initial meeting, if applicable.

Project Schedules

  • A Web project could take from as little as two weeks to as many as six months or more, depending on the scope of your project. When you submit a project request, your project will be placed in our work queue.
  • Our first meeting will be a "discovery" discussion to establish your needs and goals. We may need to meet more than once to work through your project, but we'll figure this out when we meet initially.
  • Before proceeding, the Office of Marketing and Creative Services will share with you an outline of the project scope and goals for your approval. This document will include:
    • a brief description of the project and its purpose
    • an outline of the work to be performed
    • a list of any content needs, which your department may be asked to develop
    • estimated start and completion dates, based on the projects in our queue and the amount of time it will take to complete the requested work.

Throughout the Process

Throughout the process, you may be responsible for developing both written and multimedia content. All copy should be submitted to your Office of Marketing and Creative Services contact for editing in a single Word document, and we'll also review your multimedia content, if applicable.

Content Management System Training

If you need training in the University's Web Content Management System (CMS), please contact your Web Work Group representative; if you don't know who your representative is, contact us at and we'll connect you. When you've completed training, you'll be asked to sign a User Responsibility Agreement prior to being given access to the CMS.

We are always happy to receive feedback about your project or our process. Please don't hesitate to contact us at to let us know how we're doing.

Last Published 4/20/17