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For high school students: Get an early start on college!


College Readiness Academy

In this 10-week program during the spring and fall semesters, we go to partner high schools to preview college-level math and reading/writing to make sure you're ready for college and to prepare you for possible entry into our Dual Enrollment program. In Dual Enrollment, you can earn college credit while you're still in high school. We teach between 40 and 100 students each semester, and we've been doing this since 2009 (so we're old pros).

UBEGIN Summer Academy

In this five-week summer program, you'll earn one college credit and be welcomed into the UB community. To participate, you'll register for and be paid by (yes, you get paid to learn!) YouthWorks, a division of the Maryland Office of Employment Development, and you can get connected with us through your local community-based organization. If you pass this course, you're eligible for our Dual Enrollment program in future semesters.

Summer 2018

In summer 2018, the program will again include a course called YOUR Baltimore, focusing on  issues of racial and social justice in Baltimore City. The course's capstone is an action project, and your final product will be a document requesting a social or systemic change from an authority or institution (think: your high school principal, a government official, a nonprofit organization, etc.). The course will meet for 50 minutes a day, five days a week, and you'll focus on your research and writing with instructor assistance. You'll spend the rest of your day in activities (career readiness, content coaching, women's health, and social issues, for example) led by your sponsoring organization.

Summer Success Leaders program

Have you completed a College Readiness Academy at UB? Great! We want you back. You'll work as a peer mentor and content coach for the UBegin Summer Academy, and you'll be paid by YouthWorks. You may also receive service-learning credit at your high school. Just send us a request and a copy of your YouthWorks receipt.

Last Published 8/22/17