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For high school students: Get an early start on college!



College Readiness Academy

In this 10-week program during the spring and fall semesters, we go to partner high schools to preview college-level math and reading/writing to make sure you're ready for college and to prepare you for possible entry into our Dual Enrollment program. In Dual Enrollment, you can earn college credit while you're still in high school. We teach between 160 and 200 students each semester, and we've been doing this since 2009.

Summer Academy

In this five-week summer program, you'll earn one college credit and be welcomed into the UB community. To participate, you'll register for and be paid by (yes, you get paid to learn!) YouthWorks, a division of the Maryland Office of Employment Development, and you can get connected with us through your local community-based organization. If you pass this course, you're eligible for our Dual Enrollment program in future semesters.

B-Power Update, Fall 2017 Synopsis

In fall 2017, the office of Early College Initiatives, in addition to the 11 current B-Power high school partners, served two new partners: Hampden Elementary/Middle and Midtown Academy. This is the first time that UB's Office of Early College Initiatives partnered with middle school students. The students were able to get a sense of the college experience firsthand. Professor Justin Sanders visited the schools and lectured on college expectations and experiences. The students were inquisitive, and their level of engagement and enthusiasm rivaled some high school students. Hampden Elementary/Middle also came to campus for a tour and day of classroom activities, lectures, and of course, pizza!

Summer Success Leaders program

The Summer Success Leaders Program at UB was a success! Student leaders, who previously participated in the College Readiness Academy served as peer mentors and researched current learning pedagogy and paradigms. The Success Leaders also attended workshops on Professional Communication, Mentoring, and Community Engagement. In addition to leadership workshops, students visited some of the cultural sites in and around UB such as The Walter's Art Gallery, The Washington Monument, and Station North. The program's finale was an engaging presentation on Active Learning that faculty and peers alike enjoyed. View it at this link: The Success Leaders were also  paid by YouthWorks and took workshops on financial literacy. If you're interested in becoming a Success Leader for 2018, please send an email to

Last Published 11/21/17