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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the alumni bee card?

    The alumni bee card is your official University alumni affiliation card. The bee card gives you access to use the library and recreation center. You can also present your bee card at participating local restaurants to get the alumni discount. In addition, you can use it as a prepaid card for purchases at retail spots on and around campus if you have a campus cash account.

  • How do I request my alumni bee card?

    You must submit the alumni bee card request form to the Office of Alumni Relations. They will respond to your request within 2 business days. If you need a card for a more urgent purpose (i.e. access to the library), please call 410.837.6131 or email for further assistance.

  • I am a new graduate. When can I request my alumni bee card?

    Once your status transitions from student to graduate in the University records, you may request an alumni bee card. This process normally occurs within 4-8 weeks following commencement. If you need more immediate attention, a temporary card can be issued only after the alumni relations office is able to verify your graduation with the records office.

  • Does my current alumni card (blue and white) still work?

    Yes, the alumni card issued to you from the Office of Alumni Relations still fulfills the same purpose. It is your decision if you choose to get the new alumni bee card. Your first one is offered to you at no cost.

  • Is there a charge for the alumni bee card?

    No, there is no charge for your initial bee card. There is a $20 replacement charge if you lose or misplace your card.

  • Do I need to have a photo ID on my card?

    A photo ID is only required if you plan to use the recreation center. If you choose to have a photo ID on the card when you submit the alumni bee card request form, you will be required to visit the Campus Card Office to have your picture taken. Or, if you graduated post-2003, you can request to have your student picture on file used.

  • Do I have access to campus facilities after public hours?

    UB alumni only have access to facilities during public hours. Unlike the student bee card, the alumni bee card is not set-up to be used for door access, so you will not be able to swipe in before or after that window.  

  • How does campus cash work?

    If you graduated post-2003, money from your student campus cash account will roll over to your alumni bee card. As a post-2003 graduate, you can also open and actively use a campus cash account if you didn't previously have one. Unfortunately, pre-2003 graduates are not eligible to use campus cash on their alumni bee card. Please visit the campus cash website for more information.

  • Do I get a discount on parking with the alumni bee card?

    No, unfortunately we are unable to offer a discount at this time. Please note that in the days following graduation, all prepaid parking plans (options 1, 2, 3, and 4) expire. Prepaid plans are use or lose. Pay-per-park accounts do not expire and balances can continue to be used on your alumni bee card.

Last Published 10/2/15