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Do you have a high school senior in your family who is considering attending the University of Baltimore? Over the years, alumni have encouraged family members to take advantage of UB's quality programs, talented faculty and flexible scheduling. The UB Alumni Association is proud to be a part of a family tradition by offering the UB Alumni Association Scholarship . The scholarship is available to an incoming full-time freshman who is a relative of a UB graduate.


  1. Must be a relative of a UB alumnus/a
  2. Meet an academic requirement of a 3.5 grade point average.
  3. Must demonstrate economic need.
  4. Student must not be the recipient of any other University of Baltimore scholarships.
  5. Preference for a freshman. May be awarded to a sophomore, junior or senior if there are no eligible freshmen.
  6. Student must be enrolled full-time.
  7. This is a one-time award but previous recipients can be considered for subsequent years.

Please note: To be considered for this scholarship, please follow the Financial Aid Application Process.  

If you are interested in contributing to the UB Alumni Association Scholarship, please note UB Alumni Association Scholarship in the comments field. Thank you for your support!

Last Published 5/25/17