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The Alumni Advisory Council is a committee of the University of Baltimore Foundation. They enhance the services and programming provided to alumni and voice alumni opinion on various issues.


Syed H. Ali, B.S. '14

Robert J. Bennett, M.A. '96, RB Brand + Design

Lillian J. Carter, B.S. '99
, Senior Agent – Division of Parole and Probation

Robyn Costello, M.A. '96,
Vice President – Aon Hewitt Consulting

Meet S. Desai, B.S. '14,
Financial Advisor – Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, LLC

Raymond F. Frederick, B.S. '95; M.S. '97
, M.B.A. Academic Program Coordinator, Merrick School of Business – University of Baltimore  

Jeffrey C. Glock, B.S. '88Director – Altus Group US, Inc.

Stuart M. Goldberg, B.A. '70, J.D. '74 (CHAIR)

Erin Lee Hairston, M.S. '11, CERT '12
, Owner & Consultant – The Haerlee Experience, LLC

Yasmin N. Harris, M.S. '83, Systems Engineer – Verizon

Gerhart A. Hauptman-Diaz, B.S. '04, Senior Accountant – Compass Pointe Healthcare System

Helen L. Holton, B.S. '81
, Baltimore City Councilwoman – 8th District

Darren M. Margolis, J.D. '95, Partner – Bierer & Margolis, P.A.  

Dale McClinton, B.S. '15

Edward H. Meerholz, B.A. '71, M.P.A. '78, 
Retired; formerly Chief Financial Officer for the Babe Ruth Birthplace Foundation, Inc. and the Johns Hopkins University Budget Director

Renee Nacrelli, J.D. '93 , Assistant Attorney General – Maryland Office of the Attorney General  

Pamela C. Ng, M.B.A. '11 , Enterprise Application Specialist – University of Maryland, Baltimore

Walter Nolley, M.S. '07 , Assistant Community Supervision Director – Division of Parole and Probation

Ken Prager, B.S. '69, Certified Public Accountant – Office of Kenneth F. Prager, CPA

David W. Richardson, B.S. '64
, Retired Senior Vice President – DW Richardson & Associates LLC 

Carol L.R. Roberts, B.S. '07, M.P.A. '10, Administrative Officer – Veteran's Health Administration  

Paul Rodriguez, M.A. '12
, Bilingual Paralegal – Michael A. Zwaig, PA

James B. Scott, Jr., B.A. '10, M.A. '12, Administrative Officer – Baltimore City Department of Social Services

Frank C. Vermeiren, B.S. '08, M.A. '10, Director of Strategic Business Development – Intersocietal Accreditation Commission 

Last Published 12/14/16