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knowledge now 

Since a very young age I have known that I wanted to help people—especially women and children whose lives have been affected by domestic violence. After I graduated from college, I realized that the best way to do so was to become an attorney specializing in Family Law.

Selecting the law school I’d attend was an easy choice. UB School of Law understands that you can’t learn everything by merely sitting in a lecture hall; you need to actually get in the trenches and practice what you’ve learned. My participation in the Bronfein Family Law Clinic allows me to represent low-income clients seeking child custody, paternity adjudication, divorce, and civil remedies for domestic violence.

Because of the clinic experience I had at UB, I have already worked in the State’s Attorney of Montgomery County Office’s Family Justice Center, Woman’s Law Center of Maryland, and HopeWorks of Howard CountyGetting to know the clients I helped represent is so very fulfilling. I love using the law to empower victims to become survivors. 

I am excited to graduate this spring and then get to work! 

-Patricia T.

perfect fit  

I have mobility issues; and walking long distances is difficult. During my college search, I visited larger more ‘traditional’ campuses but they didn’t work for me. They were too spread out, often with pathways that weren’t always accessible. And then I came to the University of Baltimore. It’s the perfect fit! 

The actual campus is only one part of what makes it a perfect fit for me—it is also the people. The UB community is very close knit. We are encouraged to get involved, and I appreciate being able to participate in so many activities even though I am an older student with children.

And I’m very proud to be a member of three honor societies, including the Helen P. Denit Honors Program. This is, after all, the reason we’re here at UB—to learn and advance ourselves.  UB is also the perfect fit for me educationally. I earned my undergraduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. We live in an interdisciplinary world and having knowledge of multiple fields of study will prove to be invaluable in years to come.

Currently, I am a graduate student in the Legal and Ethical Studies program. I want to be an advocate for people, especially those with disabilities or who cannot afford legal aid. I know that with the education I am receiving I will be able to assist so many in need. 

-Catanna A.


I came to Baltimore in 1996 and worked multiple jobs to get by. Due to personal reasons I could no longer work. I was feeling down and out but a friend recommended to me that I enroll in some online college courses. I persevered and in less than a year earned 25 undergraduate credits.

Once I was able to go back to work, there wasn’t a job waiting for me, so my goal was clear—to continue my education and earn a degree. As a non-traditional student who held a GED certificate and had financial issues, I was afraid that I wouldn’t be accepted, but the University of Baltimore took a chance on me. 

During the past twenty years, there were moments when I was the only one who believed in me. But here at UB, I have an entire community that believes in me. I am working toward my Masters of Public Administration and next August I will be entering law school. Regardless of how old you are—from 18 to 80—or whether you arrive right out of high school or have taken a path less traveled, there is a place for you at UB. 

-Robert F.

sign up 

For me, I had certain criteria on my check list when I started taking the next steps for earning a degree from a 4-year institution and UB checked off each of the boxes!

  • I wanted a university that was close to where I live and UB is a short drive from my house. Check
  • I wanted a campus where I felt comfortable and that offered a flexible class schedule. UB recognizes that a lot of its students are working and have home lives that need their attention, too. Check
  • I wanted a university that would accept some of my military experience toward my college credits and be supportive of my current service as a member of the Army Reserves. Check
  • I also wanted a university that would help me transition from military service to civilian life. Check √

Who knows what that path will be once I earn my Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice next year! My time at UB has prepared me to take on the challenges life tosses at me and to help make the world a better place. I constantly tell people how much I love UB. My father heard it so much that now he’s a UB student, too, and is studying accounting online! 

-Lynn K.


study abroad

I knew that wanted to study international business. But as I was researching potential schools, I was surprised to learn that few colleges offer an undergraduate international business program, but UB does!

UB helped me put my Knowledge to Work in a concrete way last winter when I traveled to the Philippines to participate in a Global Field Study. In our program we used the business know-how we garnered at UB to help a group of Filipino women grow their income by expanding their use of the coconuts that are so abundant on their island.

I brought so much invaluable experience back with me upon my return from the Philippines. I look forward to translating the business skills I learned abroad by sharing my newly acquired knowledge with Baltimoreans in need and help them discover an entrepreneurial spirit they may not even know they have. Furthermore, I am certain that I will have an edge in the competitive job market upon graduation because of my education outside of the classroom.

I was only able to make this trip because of the support of donors. Gifts can help students (many whom have never left Maryland) have an once-in-a-lifetime educational experience; and will make a positive change in the lives of so many. 

-Alexis R.

Last Published 7/6/17