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UB Around the Globe: A Feature Series on UB Alumni Working Abroad

Part 1: 'We All Have to Be Somewhere in This World'

 At the University of Baltimore, we like to say that our alumni go everywhere, and do everything. And it's not an exaggeration: While a significant majority of UB graduates work and live right here in Maryland, an impressive number of them find jobs and build their lives in countries all over the globe.

In our continuing series, UB Around the Globe, we’re finding out what these peripatetic alumni are up to. Teaching English in Thailand? Check. Selling steel pipe in Turkey? Sure. Developing affordable housing in Pakistan? Definitely. Saving tigers in Bangladesh? Yes!

University of Baltimore students aren't just dipping into international waters for a year or two before returning home for a secure job in Washington or Baltimore. Many are lifers—they found a job in another country shortly after graduation, and decided to stay. Or they were over there, returned home, then were pulled back to a second, third, or even fourth country (possibly in a completely different field). In other words, there is a real commitment to an international career for these mighty traveling alumni.

As Gary F. Collins, J.D. '87, recently described it: "If one wants to work abroad you must be flexible, determined and adaptable. It is not easy at all but it is the only life I can imagine. We all have to be somewhere in this world. You might as well be in a place that stimulates you."

In the first part of our overview of UB's international alumni presence, we'll take a look at four graduates who found their way to far-off countries. Their interviews are edited for length and clarity.

Lauren Breland, B.A. '05

Lauren Breland

Lauren Breland, B.A. '05, is a leader in the Peace Corps, first in Thailand and now in South Africa.

Gary F. Collins, J.D. '87

Gary F. Collins

Gary F. Collins, J.D. '87, is a career lawyer working in global hot zones—and now he's helping to save the Bengal tiger in Bangladesh.


Jawad Aslam

Jawad Aslam

Jawad Aslam, B.S. '96, is developing affordable housing in Pakistan.

Ersin Sezmis

Ersin Sezmis

Ersin Sezmis, MBA '09, is exporting steel goods from Turkey.

Last Published 7/14/17