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Backpack to Briefcase: B2B 

The Backpack to Briefcase (B2B) program brings UB alumni back into the classroom to share their experiences with current students. Our goal is to provide students with information about career options for their course of study. 

What can I expect as an alumni volunteer?

You will spend about an hour sharing what you experienced as a UB student and what you did to succeed in your chosen professions.

Students may also want answers to some of these questions:

  • What does it take to get hired in this profession and others in the same industry or field?
  • What background and experience should I have?
  • What kind of skills must I be able to demonstrate?
  • What coursework will demonstrate the right knowledge base to employers (e.g. classes, internships, work-study, etc.)?
  • What body of work (portfolio) makes a good impression in interviews?
  • What types of organizations seem most open to these types of careers?
  • How do you distinguish yourself as a graduate in the program?

How do I get involved?

It's simple: To register as a volunteer, fill out the form below of contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 410.837.6131. We'll work with our faculty requests and coordinate your visit to campus.


As a volunteer, I have had the opportunity to be a speaker on several occasions where I have either spoke words of encouragement or simply shared my experiences as a UB student. Being able to enlighten or help prepare a student for future endeavors has truly been rewarding. I look forward to Backpack to Briefcase each semester. —Lillian Carter, B.S. '99

I remember vividly students' comments that [Backpack to Briefcase] is the best thing we do. I look forward to it as much as the students. ..."Associate Professor Ed Gibson

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Last Published 10/2/15