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Finance Faculty

The following faculty are focused on the field of finance and real estate.

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    Finance Faculty

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  • Dong Chen
    Dong Chen, PH.D.

    Dong Chen, Associate Professor of Finance

    Research Interests: Corporate Finance/Governance, Board of Directors, Credit Risk, Executive Compensation, Risk Taking Incentives, Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Steve Isberg
    Steven Isberg, Ph.D.

    Steven Isberg, Associate Professor of Finance

  • Seema Iyer
    Seema Iyer, Ph.D.

    Seema Iyer, Research Assistant Professor of Real Estate and Economic Development

    Research Interests: Role of data in supporting collaborative, well-informed decision-making for community development.

  • Joel Morse
    Joel MOrse, Ph.D.

    Joel Morse, Professor of Finance

    Research Interests: Goodwill Impairment, Volatility, Investing and Derivatives

  • Hoang Nguyen
    Hoang Nguyen, Ph.D.

    Hoang Nguyen, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Finance

    Research Interests: Market anomaly, Momentum, Stock split, Institutional investors behavior

  • J.C. Weiss
    John "J.C." Weiss, MBA

    J.C. Weiss, Senior Lecturer of Finance and Entrepreneurship

  • Jerry Yu
    C. Jerry YU, Ph.D.

    Jerry Yu, Associate Professor of Finance

    Research Interests: Institutional Investors' Behavior, Behavioral Finance, Financial Analysts Forecast

  • Nafessa Yunus
    Nafessa Yunus, Ph.D.

    Nafessa Yunus, Associate Professor of Finance and Real Estate