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Merrick School of Business

Merrick School of Business Resources

On one page we've attempted to place all the resource links that a graduate business student might need.

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Academics: course schedules, course descriptions, code of conduct, internships, global field studies, assessment rubrics, assurance of learning, required plagiarism tutorial, graduate assistantships, Sakai log-in

People: academic advisers, advisory boards, faculty, office of the dean, centers

News and Events: e-newsletter, news releases, social media

More to Think About: honor societies, clubs, FAQ's

University of Baltimore Resources: general information and calendars, UB academic services, UB administrative services, much more, including leadership programs and campus recreation


  • Course Schedules

    Planning your degree path is an effective way to spend your education dollars wisely. It is the best way to stay on course for graduation.

    We have created course schedules to accommodate our students and their advisers. Another resource to check out is UB's Schedule of Courses page.

    • Fall 2017 Graduate Business Course Schedules (.pdf)
    • Summer 2018 Graduate Business Course Schedules (.pdf)
    • Spring 2018 Graduate Business Course Schedules (.pdf)
    • Fall 2018 Graduate Business Course Schedules (.pdf)

    Note: Schedules are subject to change.

    Registration Dates

  • Course Descriptions by Business Discipline

  • School's Code of Conduct

    The Merrick School of Business offers a student-centered education, in which degree candidates must take primary responsibility for their own learning.

    Go to the the School's Code of Conduct page for more information.

  • Internships

    The Merrick School of Business internship program is designed to augment classroom theory and to offer students opportunities to participate in carefully monitored, field-based learning experiences in organizations. The internship experience allows students to apply their education, gain experience in a particular field, and prepare for fulfilling careers.

    Go to the the internships page for more information.

  • Global Study Opportunities

    We recognize the importance of enhancing the knowledge-base of our students through global field studies. Each year, we offer opportunities to learn more about how business is conducted around the world. The Merrick School of Business offers Global Field Studies for academic credit.

    Go to the the Global Study Opportunities page for more information.
  • Assessment Rubrics

    In the Merrick School of Business, assessment rubrics are a fundamental part of the assessment process.

    Go to the the Assessment Rubrics page for more information.
  • Assurance of Learning

    Learn more about the learning goals, objectives and outcomes for each of our three graduate business programs.

    Go to the the Graduate Business Assurance of Learning page for more information.

  • Required Plagiarism Tutorial

    University of Baltimore students who need to fulfill the plagiarism tutorial requirement should enter through the UB portal. This will officially record completion of the tutorial. The "UB Student" button below will take you to the portal login page.

    Required Plagiarism Tutorial

  • Graduate Assistantships

    The Merrick School of Business offers several positions each year for graduate assistants. The positions are posted on the University of Baltimore Career Center's database UBWorks.

    Go to the Office of the Provost's dedicated page to Graduate Assistantships.

  • We use the online learning platform Sakai for our classes. You can log into the portal here.


  • Academic Advisers

    We encourage students to meet with their assigned academic adviser and discuss specific academic goals and challenges.
  • Advisory Boards

    Our graduates are distinguished leaders in business, nonprofit and government organizations and many are leading local and national firms and institutions. Often our alumni are first-generation college graduates from modest backgrounds who understand that earning a business degree improves their career opportunities. As students, they often juggled the demands of studying, working, and personal and professional interests while pursing their degree. With over 26,000 business school alumni, the Merrick School of Business has one of the largest alumni bodies in our region with 80 percent staying right here in Maryland.

    Learn more about our alumni, boards, partnerships and volunteer opportunities.

  • Faculty

    Our faculty blend theory and practice in the classroom and go beyond traditional methods of teaching to deliver a practical and well-rounded educational experience.

  • Office of the Dean

    The Office of the Dean is dedicated to serving the needs of our students, faculty and staff. The Dean's Office is the central hub for all things academic in the Merrick School of Business.

  • Centers

    The Centers in the Merrick School of Business, forge connections with the surrounding communities providing special research and study opportunities for students, faculty in a wide range of business fields.

News and Events

  • E-Newsletter, The Merrick Exchange

    The Office of the Dean publishes the The Merrick Exchange e-newsletter several times a year to share our great news.
  • News Releases

    There is so much going on in the School of Business that we love telling the world. Here is a link to our recent news releases.

  • Social Media

    The School of Business is currently using social media to tell our story and promote our activities, students and faculty. In the footer of our website, you will find all of the social media channels we use.

More to think about.

  • Honor Societies

    Graduate students who have excelled in their respective programs are invited to join one of the five honor societies associated with the school. 

    Go to the the Honor Societies page for more information.

  • Clubs

    The UB Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement is your resource for student clubs. The Merrick School of Business works closely with the clubs that are aligned with business disciplines.

  • FAQ's

    Got Questions? Go to our FAQ page.

University of Baltimore Resources



  • Academic Calendar

    Check out the date to register for classes or file for graduation and everything in between on the Academic Calendar.

  • Tuition and Fees

    Here is the official resource for UB's tuition and fees. 

  • Scholarships

    There are a number of Scholarships offered through the Office of Financial Aid.

  • Apply for Graduation

    You've worked hard to pass all of your courses, so don't forget to apply for graduation.

  • Student Handbook

    The University of Baltimore publishes the Student Handbook annually, but the policies and procedures may be subject to change during the academic year.

Academic Services

  • Achievement and Learning Center

    Each year, more than 1,500 UB students take advantage of one or more of the free services offered by the Achievement and Learning Center.

  • Career and Professional Development Center

    Getting a job or advancing your career requires more than a degree. Employers want well-rounded graduates with professional attitudes and skills developed through experiences beyond the classroom. That is where the Career Center comes in.

  • Counseling Center

    The Counseling Center delivers mental health services to UB students. They promote personal growth and assist students with personal, social and academic concerns.

  • Office of Disability and Access Services

    The Office of Disability and Access Services is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students with documented disabilities and works to ensure access to all campus facilities and programs.

  • Diversity and Culture Center

    The Diversity and Culture Center provides a wide range of services, educational programs, and cultural activities to support the creation of a multicultural community at the University of Baltimore.

  • Langsdale Library

    Your research resource at the University of Baltimore can be found in the Langsdale Library.

Administrative Services

  • Office of the Bursar

    The Office of the Bursar helps students with, tuition and fees (including those from prior semesters), paying your bill, tuition refunds and reductions, requesting financial aid/loan refund checks, military TA, waivers and third-party billing, and 1098-T tax information.

  • Office of Financial Aid

    The Office of Financial Aid is committed to helping you achieve your educational goals. Through grants, scholarships, loans and work-study opportunities, they strive to ensure you receive the assistance you need to make your goals a reality.
  • Office of the University Registrar

    Office of the University Registrar is your one-stop shop for all the information you need about course listings, transcripts, exam schedules and various academic deadlines—whether you're a student, adviser, faculty member or alumni.

  •  Office of Technology Services (OTS)

    The Office of Technology Services (OTS) delivers and supports accessible, high quality  technology solutions and information services. The services exist in order to enhance the user experiences in teaching and learning, to streamline business processes, to support community relationships and partnerships, and to facilitate a self-service approach to life-long learning.

And Much More

  • BeMore Leadership Program

    Get involved in BeMore, is UB's leadership and community engagement program.
  • Campus Recreation and Wellness

    Campus Recreation and Wellness offers a variety of programs, resources and services that are dedicated to improving the quality of life and the well being of the University community.