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Assurance of Learning: B.S. in Business Administration

Mission Statement:  The goal of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the Merrick School of Business is to produce students with the capacity to compete and be productive in today’s complex business environment.  

The program will provide high quality management education that develops the skills required to meet the diverse needs of employers in a variety of areas in business. Specifically, as a result of the education they receive at the Merrick School of Business, our graduates will have:

  • Goal 1: A Broad Knowledge of Business Disciplines

    Description: Students will obtain general knowledge and acquire proficiency in the key
    functional areas of business.

    Learning Objective 1.1: Students will demonstrate competence and understanding of basic business disciplines and concepts.

  • Goal 2: A Global Perspective

    Description: Students will analyze international business environments and formulate global adaptation strategies.

    Learning Objective 2.1: Students will identify key factors of a country’s socio-economic and political environment to assess its long-term potential as a host for foreign direct investment.

  • Goal 3: Effective Communication Skills

    Description: Students will demonstrate an acceptable level of written and oral communication skills.

    Learning Objective 3.1: Students will produce a professional quality written business document.

    Learning Objective 3.2: Students will deliver a professional quality oral presentation, accompanied by appropriate technology.

  • Goal 4: Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

    Description: Students will demonstrate problem solving skills, supported by appropriate analytical and quantitative techniques.

    Learning Objective 4.1: In solving a business problem, students will use appropriate analytical techniques to understand the problem, generate and compare alternatives, and develop recommendations.

    Learning Objective 4.2: Students will use quantitative tools to analyze a business situation.

  • Goal 5: An Ethical Perspective

    Description: Students will identify an ethical dilemma and apply an ethics model or framework to propose and defend a resolution.

    Learning Objective 5.1: Students will identify an ethical dilemma and apply an ethics model or framework to propose and defend a resolution.

  • Goal 6: Team Skills and Dynamics

    Description: Students will understand group and individual dynamics in organizations.

    Learning Objective 6.1:
    Students will demonstrate knowledge of factors related to effective teamwork.

    Learning Objective 6.2: Students will collaborate effectively in a group.

  • Goal 7: An Understanding of Information Technology

    Description: An Understanding of Information Technology:  Students will demonstrate competency in the use of technology.

    Learning Objective 7.1: Students will demonstrate an understanding of fundamental information systems vocabulary, concepts, and skills, and be able to apply that knowledge to business organizations.

Download the Assurance of Learning Results (.pdf)