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Have a question about #GivingTuesday at UB?

  • Can I designate my gift to a fund other than my school's fund, and still have my gift count as part of the school competition?

    Yes, you can . Select "Other" on the fund drop down list. In the box that appears, type what fund you want to support.

  • Can I give more than once to have more gifts count for my school?

    Sure! It is a competition after all. Return to the giving page, select your school again, and make another gift. You can give as many times as you like.

  • I graduated from more than one school--which school gets the credit?

    You must select one school to receive "credit" for your gift at the time of donation. You can return to the giving page after making one gift and give "credit" to another school. 

  • Can I mail in a gift and have it count?

    Absolutely. On the memo line of your check, indicate that you'd like your gift to be a part of our Giving Tuesday efforts and remember to let us know which school you'd like your participation to count towards.

  • Can I give over the phone by credit card and have it count?

    Yes. To make a gift over the phone, call 410.837.6131. We'll ask you what school you'd like to count your participation towards.

  • How do I make a gift online?

    Visit this page and click on the links to select a school to receive your participation credit. 

Last Published 10/1/15