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A Flexible MBA that allows you to create your future.

Your time — is your time.

You work full-time. You travel a couple times a month.  You coach little league. What if you had the flexibility to pursue your MBA and still could do all those things?

The University of Baltimore has a long history of having business programs that allow busy professionals to also pursue their educational goals while living their daily lives.

Enrolling in the UB MBA program allows you to choose:

  • how fast you want to complete your degree;
  • how you want to take your classes (traditional classrooms, online or both);
  • how many classes per session or semester you want to take;
  • your specialization or you can build a custom one that suits your career goals.
    • What is the Flexible MBA?

      A Flexible MBA benefits the working professional. The UB MBA program is designed so that you can intersect both your personal life with your academic life.

      Many MBA programs are full-time and cohort based, which is not always easy for a working professional. The UB MBA program is flexible.  Students may choose to dedicate all their time to earning their degree by going full-time — or they may choose to work and take classes, part-time.

    • What makes a UB MBA—'flexible'?

      All of the UB MBA classes are taught in the evening (starting at 6 p.m.) so it makes it easy for you to get to class on-campus if you prefer a face-to-face course.

      The UB MBA offers 50 percent of our courses online (all required core program requirements are online). Our online courses are taught in a asynchronous format, so even if you are in a different time zone you can complete your assignments or take your exams.

      You can decide if you want take courses part-time or full-time — it is all up to you. You don't need to notify anyone. Choose a specialization or customize your electives to  enhance your career and help you meet your personal goals.

      We have something we like to call "Flexible Core" requirements for those students who tend to lean to the corporate-side or have an entrepreneurial mindset. These flexible core courses can be tailored to fit your career goals.

      Several of the courses are offered in 7-week "bite-sized" formats. These types of courses actually enhance student learning, especially online, and allow you to get the knowledge you need to move to the next level in the program.

    • What are the benefits?

      You are in control of your day and have the flexibility to decide what kind of learning environment works for you.

      You'll have a full-time faculty that know how to teach working professionals, and provide practical experience in business scenarios. In addition we hire business professionals to teach courses and bring their expertise in specialized courses.