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Having an MBA says a lot about who you are as a professional.

The University of Baltimore MBA is geared toward the busy working professional.

We understand that your life doesn't neatly accommodate a traditional schedule, so we're letting you pick the schedule that you find most convenient.

Here a just a few ways we help you work toward earning your MBA.

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  • 7-week and 15-week Sessions

    To create the most modular MBA possible, we offer six "bite-sized" sessions and three longer sessions throughout the year:

      fall semester spring semester summer session
    session I
    7 weeks 7 weeks 5 weeks
    session II
    7 weeks 7 weeks 5 weeks
    full session 15 weeks 15 weeks 8 weeks

    The mini-sessions offered each fall, spring and summer allow you to pick up 1.5-credit classes that suit your busy schedule. The 15-week sessions, on the other hand, are 3-credit courses that last the entire traditional fall and spring semesters. Occasionally we offer courses during Winter Break.

    You can apply to, be accepted to and start the program as late as the first day of the second mini-session in any semester. Perhaps you know that you can't start the fall semester in August due to a work obligation. No problem: Start classes in the second seven-week session instead.

  • Part-Time and Full-Time Options

    As a student in the MBA program, you can choose to take a full-time course load of 9 to 12 credits or a part-time course load of less than 9 credits. Both options provide you the flexibility to take a combination of 1.5- and 3-credit courses, available in a seven- or 15-week format.