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Global Wright Scholarships

The purpose of these scholarships is to enhance student understanding of, and appreciation for, the global context in which businesses operate.

The scholarships are to be used to help Merrick School of Business students take advantage of international study abroad opportunities.

Types of Activities that Qualify for these Scholarships

  • Study abroad courses offered by UB
  • Course-embedded study abroad options in UB courses 
  • Study abroad at foreign universities 
  • International internships


  • Undergraduate/graduate degree seeking students in the Merrick School of Business in good standing at the University of Baltimore who have completed at least 6 credits in their program of study.
  • The scholarship is limited to once per student per degree program at UB. 
  • Documentation must be supplied indicating acceptance for an internship or course that is not directly related to a UB course (for example, study at a foreign university). 
  • Evidence must be provided that the foreign university/institute is accredited (or other evidence of quality – such as being a partner school of the UB). 
  • For programs/ courses with UB partner schools around the globe, students must sign up for independent study credits at UB to receive credit for the course and to be eligible for Wright Global Business Scholars funds.

Award Amount

• The monetary level of the scholarship will be set annually and is based on fund availability.

Procedure for Application for a Scholarship Award