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Information for Students Interested in Internships.

Internships offer a valuable learning opportunity for you.


  • An internship experience can enhance your skills and knowledge. Learn more.

    • provide specific preparation for employment in a career or field of your choice;
    • develop professional interaction and communication skills;
    • improve ability to make career related decisions;
    • increase your professional judgment, sense of professional responsibility, and self-confidence;
    • aid in discovering strengths and overcoming weaknesses;
    • improve successful transition from school to work upon graduation;
    • help establish professional work habits and attitudes;
    • bring reality to classroom studies and concepts.
  • An Internship can earn you academic credit. Five steps you need to know. 

    When considering an internship for credit there are certain actions you must take and processes you need to be familiar with before you take the leap.

    1. Decide

    • Visit your academic adviser early in your program to determine how an internship course will integrate into your plan.
    • Identify and visit your faculty internship adviser to discuss interests, feasibility of obtaining credit, options and expectations.

    2. Prepare

    • Complete the required coursework that prepares you for an internship.
    • Visit the UB Career Center to have your résumé approved and to prepare for your interviews.

    3. Apply

    • Utilize campus resources to apply to internships by creating an account in UBWorks .
    • Make connections with in your network to find an internship on your own. Family and friends are great resources to find internships.

    4. Seek Approval

    • Talk with your faculty internship adviser and review the position description and responsibilities.
    • Understand what the requirements and expectations of the internship course.

    5. Act

    • Complete the internship Agreement and Registration form and have it signed by your faculty adviser.
    • Submit the signed form to Lisa Park, assistant dean for academic affairs and student services to obtain final approval and to register for the internship course.
  • Enjoy the experience.

    • Gain the experience, knowledge and skill-sets that you'll need to launch your career.

    • Build your book of contacts and grow your professional network.

  • Resources

    UBWorks is one resource to review internship opportunities. Your opportunity for internships is not limited to UBWorks. If you find an internship opportunity on your own discuss it with your faculty adviser. To receive academic credit, you must complete the Internship Agreement, the Registration Form and register for one of the following internship courses:

     ACCT 495


     FIN 495


     INSS 495


     MGMT 495


     MKTG 495


     REED 495